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Help the UK reach our Net-Zero targets, reduce homeowners' energy bills and make their homes more comfortable to live in

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The drive to meet net-zero targets combined with on-going increases in energy prices means that there is now a significant and growing demand for businesses that can carry out quality retrofit energy efficiency works to homes.

Retrofit Guide

Our Guide to Retrofitting Your Home

The recent dramatic increase in energy bills and the ongoing need to improve the efficiency of how we use energy in our homes means there is a significant demand for tradespeople who can carry out energy efficiency (also known as Retrofit) works to homes.

The Benefits

  • Supports acquisition and scheme development
  • Further recognition of existing competent trades
  • A transitional approach into the existing certification process
  • Further engagement with UK Net Zero objectives
  • Straightforward participation via an extension to Licence scope

Introducing Licence Plus

The Licence Plus Scheme provides a key route in supporting TrustMark Registered Businesses to engage in a transitional adoption of fabric-first, whole house retrofit. This additional aspect of the licence has been created to support the achievement of the UK’s Net Zero targets and aid homes in reducing their household energy bills.

The Licence Plus Scheme showcases the competency and quality workmanship of TrustMark Registered Businesses who can join the Licence Plus Scheme through participating TrustMark licensed Scheme Providers. The delivery structure is adaptable so that onsite audits of Licence Plus businesses can be carried out by Scheme Providers who opt to do so, or by TrustMark where required.

TrustMark House

Why Assess the Whole House?

The most effective and successful retrofits start with a full understanding of the property and how the occupants that live there use it. A whole-house assessment will focus on identifying the opportunities and constraints for any improvements, so the delivery of any measures will make the property more liveable and comfortable for the residents.

The improvements will be scalable allowing for the measures to be undertaken in one improvement or staged over time.

PAS 2035:2019 (the UK standard for energy efficiency work carried out on property)  delivers a whole-house approach to the retrofit process, considering the home, environment, occupancy and the householders’ objectives and behaviours when determining the most suitable measures to install.

Further Information

Under PAS 2035:2019 guidance, all domestic retrofit projects should use a Retrofit Coordinator. Anybody wanting to become a Retrofit Coordinator must hold the Level 5 Diploma before joining one of our approved Scheme Providers. To find out more about training, visit The Retrofit Academy here.

Please remember that PAS2035:2019 and PAS2030:2019 are inextricably linked so there are requirements for PAS2030:2019 certification.

If you are interested in becoming a Retrofit Assessor or a Retrofit Coordinator, visit one of the following approved TrustMark Scheme Providers who can provide TrustMark registration for Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators carrying out domestic retrofit work in-line with the PAS2035 standard framework.

Elmhurst Energy



Sterling Accreditation

If you are applying PAS2035:2019 within the government ECO scheme, there are TrustMark requirements that apply. To find out more, visit PAS2035:2019 and ECO4.