TrustMark Quality Assurance

Monitoring Government Funded Schemes

TrustMark Quality Assurance

TrustMark Quality Assurance encompasses all work(s) for government funded schemes that require mandated lodgement into the TrustMark Data Warehouse including, but not limited to:

• Energy Company Obligation (ECO)
• Green Home Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme (GHGLAD)
• Home Upgrade Grant (HUG)
• Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF)
• Warm Homes Discount (WHD)

TrustMark uses a variety of methods to conduct the Quality Assurance of measures lodged in the Data Warehouse. These include a blend of onsite and desktop audits. TrustMark works in collaboration with its Scheme Providers through the sharing of data recorded within the Data Warehouse. This data includes but is not limited to:

Registered Business performance
Volumes of work lodged across government schemes

These documents are applicable for work installed under the current version of PAS:2035, PAS:2030, Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) standards delivered under associated government schemes where TrustMark is mandated.

PAS2035 Design Support Guide

TrustMark continues to work closely with our Scheme Providers to support our Retrofit Co-Ordinators and Registered Businesses. Created in June 2024 TrustMark has a new Design Support guide, produced with the support of Nigel Jones at Corelogic.

The PAS2035 Design Best Practice Guide has been created to highlight key areas to follow to ensure compliance when working with and producing retrofit designs.

This document has been reviewed and approved across our co-ordinator schemes and will be a positive tool to support our members moving forward.

ECO4 RdSAP conventions update and clarification (V1.2)

In December 2022 TrustMark (on behalf of Retrofit Assessor Scheme providers) publicised Energy Performance Report(EPR) conventions to be applied specifically to ECO4 projects. From stakeholder feedback we have updated the EPR conventions document with amendments agreed by the Retrofit Assessment Working Group, updates include:

  • Small text amendments to conventions 2.01 & 5.01 for clarification, there is no change to their application nor their issue date on the 1st February 2023.
  • Small updates to the document, including references to the Great British Insulation Scheme and aligning with current terminology.

TrustMark has also published an update to the RdSAP Data Production for Retrofit Projects document, including:

  • References to the Great British Insulation Scheme.
  • The requirement that the RA creating a post-installation RdSAP assessment (if different to the RA who created the pre-installation assessment) must be a member of the same Retrofit Assessor Scheme

TrustMark Quality Assurance Guidance - Government Funded Schemes

Live from 13/12/22

This document sets out the process by which TrustMark has and will continue to conduct Quality Assurance Monitoring on all funded projects lodged within the TrustMark Data Warehouse.

If you have any questions, please contact your Retrofit Assessor Scheme Provider.

ECO4 EPR Conventions V1.2

Live from 01/02/23

This document sets out conventions to be applied specifically to EPRs constructed for use in ECO4. Addressing frequently asked questions such as the use of overridden u-values or CWI extraction.

If you have any questions, please contact your Retrofit Assessor Scheme Provider.

Quality Assurance Process & RdSAP Conventions - FAQs