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Emerging Technologies

Commencing our new Insights programme, with a special series on Emerging Technologies. 
Change is coming. Learn how new technologies can help drive business value

Man using a laptop and mobile phone. Web connections.

Emerging technologies: What you need to know

Did you know 85% of employment growth over the last 80 years is explained by technology-driven roles?

AI on an electrical circuit board

Ten things you need to know about AI

"The real value of AI will be in its ability to empower humans to make better decisions faster."

Tradesperson on mobile phone

Use cases for AI in home RMI

The opportunity is huge but dependent on the size of your business, risk appetite for automation and vision for growth.

Two office workers on laptop, overlayed digital padlock

Rewards & Risks of AI

Implementation of AI will differ across home RMI trades and business size, as will the degree of benefits and challenges.

Virtual Reality in the home

AR & VR in the home RMI

VR & AR is estimated to have a market volume of £1.7B by 2028, but how can your business take advantage of this technology?

A businessman looking at a digital representation of a building

Does digital twinning have a role in home RMI?

How Digital Twins are transforming the home repair, maintenance and improvement sector

Speech bubbles held in hand

The SME: AI has something for you too

Did you know around one in six UK organisations, totalling 432,000, have embraced at least one AI technology?

Hand pointing at words and icons, AI

Futureproofing the industry skillset

AI contributed £3.7 billion to the UK economy in 2022 and the UK currently has an AI workforce of over 50,000.

Customer data

Protecting your customer's data

In this mass of varying technologies, customer data and its protection are fundamental