Read these terms before using the Data Warehouse

We have taken steps to ensure that these terms focus on important principles and are simple to understand and easy to stick to. 

When do these Terms apply? 

Whenever you use TrustMark systems, you agree to these terms.

What happens if I do not stick to these Terms? 

If you don’t stick to all these terms, then we can suspend or terminate your use of TrustMark systems, this will prevent you from being able to record or “Lodge” work and may impact your eligibility to participate in certain Government Schemes.


These rules have been established to protect both you and us and to help us both keep out of trouble and as such may be subject to change as required.

“We / Us” means TrustMark (2005) Ltd
“You” means any party other than TrustMark (2005) Ltd
“Lodgement” means work or services recorded and submitted into the TrustMark systems
“TrustMark systems” means the TrustMark operated platform hosted at that may be also be accessed via the TrustMark Business Portal on

a. You will obtain consent of the property owner or any data subject about which details are provided into the TrustMark systems.
b. You are responsible for the quality of the data you provide entered.
c. You will not provide any data that may harm or offend any other people.
d. You will not upload data relating to children or special categories of data (those relating to your racial or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious or philosophical beliefs; trade union membership; sex life or orientation; genetic data; biometric data; disability; or data relating to any criminal convictions or offences).
e. You will not misuse the TrustMark systems; examples of misuse may include:
I. Using the data for purposes other than the conduct of work for your consumer, such as sales or marketing purposes.
II. Sharing log in details or passwords.
III. Attempting to ‘hack’ or access systems or data.
f. Upon the completion of work recorded or ‘Lodged’ into the TrustMark systems we will generate and email a Lodgement Certificate to the Property Owner and provide a link to our Privacy Notice so that your customer can understand how their data will be used.
g. You grant us permission to access the data provided including files or photos uploaded for the purposes detailed in our Privacy Notice. This encompasses both your organisational data and work-related information. Furthermore, this data may be disclosed to government entities as required.
h. You will not imitate or present yourself as TrustMark and will not recreate or copy our services.
i. You accept that we may contact you, your customer, the registered business conducting work or Scheme Provider in relation to quality assurance activity relating to the information provided into the TrustMark systems.
j. In the event of a personal data breach with a high risk of adversely affecting your customers you will notify them immediately. You will also notify us of any personal data breach without undue delay at

If you have any comments or suggestions for how we can improve these terms, please contact