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Government Endorsed Quality

What is TrustMark?

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme covering work a consumer chooses to have carried out in or around their home.

When a consumer uses a TrustMark Registered Business, they know they are engaging an organisation that has been thoroughly vetted to meet required standards, and has made a considerable commitment to good customer service, technical competence and trading practices.

Good Trading Practices
Good Customer Service
Technical Competence

Benefits of TrustMark

Consumer protection is at the heart of what TrustMark does as an organisation as it strives to ensure consumers have optimum comfort, choice and confidence when choosing traders to work in or around their homes.

One of the ways this is achieved is through the championing of our Registered Businesses – the firms that can be trusted to do the ‘right thing.’ We offer a range of benefits to help these competent, quality-minded firms offer their customers the best available service and protection.

Key Consumer Benefits

  • Delivering confidence, comfort and choice through Government Endorsed Quality, providing a level playing field of quality and assurance, regardless of the type of trade you are seeking to engage
  • Request quotes directly from TrustMark Registered Businesses through an online Consumer Portal account. This secure, free and convenient platform allows you to track every stage of a quote or project, keeping communications as clear and simple as possible
  • Enhanced protection through our network of Scheme Providers and Trading Standards integration, in the event that things do go wrong
  • TrustMark provides a range of free advice and information to homeowners, empowering you with the knowledge and choice to make the best decisions when it comes to improving your home.
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Key Trade Benefits

  • Demonstrate to customers that you are committed to delivering Government Endorsed Quality through membership of the scheme and promote yourself through use of a wide range of branding materials
  • Appear in the Online Directory as customers search for reputable traders in their area
  • Free access to the TrustMark Business Portal to help manage clear and easy communications with customers from quote to completion through this secure and responsive platform
  • TrustMark helps consumers recognise and report rogue traders, whilst championing the businesses we know play by the rules. We also work with Trading Standards to provide further protection to the consumers and businesses effected by rogues
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