Information and Guidance for Businesses

Here you will find helpful information and support for making the most out of being TrustMark Registered

Information and Guidance

We work closely with our Scheme Providers and Registered Businesses to advance and improve the standard of works carried out in and around the home.

By becoming TrustMark Registered, businesses can demonstrate their ongoing commitment to customer service, high standards and continual improvement.

Access Retrofit Opportunities

The drive to meet net-zero targets combined with on-going increases in energy prices means that there is now a significant and growing demand for businesses that can carry out quality retrofit energy efficiency works to homes

Licence Plus

The Licence Plus Scheme provides a key route in supporting TrustMark Registered Businesses to engage in a transitional adoption of fabric-first, whole house retrofit

Schemes Requiring TrustMark Registration

The following schemes and subsidies require a business to be registered with TrustMark

Quality Assurance

TrustMark Quality Assurance encompasses all work(s) for government funded schemes that require mandated lodgement into the TrustMark Data Warehouse


The move from ECO3 to ECO4 has required extensive development of the TrustMark Data Warehouse

PAS 2035:2019

TrustMark has incorporated the new specification, the requirements for registration of the Retrofit Roles and the agreed transitional arrangements into Annex B of our Framework Operating Requirements

Offers and Partners

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