TrustMark's Licence Plus Scheme

A gateway to Retrofit opportunities

Are you a business looking to get into retrofit energy-efficiency work?

The Opportunity

The drive to meet net-zero targets combined with on-going increases in energy prices means that there is now a significant and growing demand for businesses that can carry out quality retrofit energy efficiency works to homes.


What is Licence Plus

The Licence Plus Scheme provides a key route in supporting TrustMark Registered Businesses to engage in a transitional adoption of fabric-first, whole house retrofit. This additional aspect of the licence has been created to support the achievement of the UK’s Net Zero targets and aid homes in reducing their household energy bills.

The Licence Plus Scheme showcases the competency and quality workmanship of TrustMark Registered Businesses who can join the Licence Plus Scheme through participating TrustMark licensed Scheme Providers. The delivery structure is adaptable so that onsite audits of Licence Plus businesses can be carried out by Scheme Providers who opt to do so, or by TrustMark where required.


The Benefits

  • Supports acquisition and scheme development through increased engagement
  • Further recognition of existing competent trades
  • A transitional approach into the existing certification process
  • Further engagement with UK Net Zero objectives
  • Straightforward participation via an extension to Licence scope

Relationship with PAS 2035

The Licence Plus Scheme has been developed to work alongside PAS 2035 (Retrofitting Dwellings for Improved Energy Efficiency – Specification and Guidance) specifically in emerging markets where full PAS compliance is seen as a transitionary development, such as the green investment and lending areas.

The core of the scheme is to ensure that consumers who are investing in improving their properties consider the whole house fabric first principles, where compliance can be evidenced with an extended audit programme and compliance interventions. Consumer behaviour identifies a desire to improve their property more broadly than just energy efficiencies and heating requirements. A consumer's journey (the plan) must balance the desire to improve the living environment while ensuring that all the home improvement factors work together.

The Licence Plus Scheme does not replace or compete with PAS 2035 but aims to support new businesses with a positive adoption of its principles so that they can more readily transition towards it.

The Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), who sponsored the development of the PAS 2035 standard, confirm this is their preferred delivery method which remains a fixed requirement of Energy Company Obligation 4 (ECO4) and the funded schemes such as the Local Authority Deliveries (LADS), Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, and Sustainable Warmth.

Outside these environments and where consumers are making decisions using their own funding routes, they may still choose to engage with PAS 2030 certificated businesses and PAS 2035 retrofit professionals.

Licence Plus works alongside some key principles of PAS 2035 by incorporating the following:

  • A ‘whole-house’ assessment to evaluate the property and help understand whether multiple measures may be appropriate
  • Ensuring customers have access to unbiased advice about measures that could be installed as part of their project so that they can make informed decisions
  • The use of a process to manage works through a ‘whole house’ approach that considers ‘fabric first'
  • Creates a pathway for tradespeople to engage with oversight, audit, and compliance processes where they may not have previously done so
  • Complex measures and projects as defined in PAS 2035 can still follow PAS 2035 processes

The Licence Plus scheme recognises competence and registration at the start of the process, supports the delivery of quality work and has an audit and compliance regime to ensure the outcomes meet the expectations set.

The Licence Plus Scheme can provide a significant benefit by helping non-PAS 2030 certified TrustMark Registered Businesses, who have demonstrated their competence, to engage in a transitional adoption of whole house fabric-first retrofit.

TrustMark Licence Plus Quality Assurance Guidance

This document applies exclusively to works installed and lodged under the TrustMark Licence Plus by Registered Business (RB), including works undertaken by a Retrofit Assessor (RA).

Licence Plus Quality Assurance Guidance


See the following documents that include information on how to be part of the TrustMark Licence Plus Scheme

Licence Plus Overview

Licence Requirements

Property Assessment Requirements

Information for Registered Businesses

Information for Homeowners/Landlords

More Information 

Information on how to be part of the TrustMark Licence Plus Scheme. If you are a Scheme Provider that would like to support the Licence Plus Scheme and need further information on the extension of scope process, please contact the TrustMark Compliance Team 

Extend your scope

Extension to Scope

To find out more about the scope of the Licence Plus Scheme head over to our Scheme Provider page and have a look at the Trades Activities Application Form



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