Your Business Portal

The Business Portal is a free resource to promote your business and manage customer communications.

What is the TrustMark Business Portal?

The Business Portal gives you access to your very own profile on our website. It is a free resource to promote your business and manage communications with your clients.

You can upload your logo, company biography and photos of your work to stand out from the crowd. You can tailor your profile to meet the needs of your business. You can highlight trades you specialise in, to rank better for those specific trades and there is an easy-to-use filtering system, to show what locations you cover.

You're able to easily track conversations with your customers, track the progress and manage when your business is available for chat.

As a Registered Business, you also get access to guidance and templates that help provide clear legislative support, removing any confusion or ambiguity.

How to access your account

Step 1- Check if your portal account has migrated across or needs claiming.

  • Make sure you have selected “Business” from the top menu.
  • Click “Claim account”, then input your business name or TrustMark Licence Number (TMLN)
  • If you can see your business - move to Step 2- claiming account.
  • If you can't see your business - move to Step 3- password reset.

Step 2 - Claiming account (If you already had a business portal account, no data has been lost we just haven’t been able to transfer your details over)

  • If you have the same TMLN, Postcode, and Business name across multiple registrations, you can claim your accounts together, by selecting all and picking the email you will use for signing in.
  • If you have only one registration or separate TMLNs, you will claim the accounts separately.
  • Follow the step-by-step process to access your account.

Step 3 - Password reset

  • Your business portal account has been migrated over and you need to reset your password.
  • Select “Sign in” from the top of the web page.
  • Input your email address and click “Reset Password”.

For any users of the Data Warehouse, your Retrofit Portal details will not have changed, and all history will be accessible through the New Business Portal.

Any problems with accessing your portal account please contact us at

Making the most of your Business Profile

Once you're signed into your Business Portal, you will see a menu and 'Dashboard' will be highlighted in purple.

To edit your profile click on 'Business Profile'. This will take you to your profile.

First, you will find your basic information consisting of the following:

  • Basic Information
  • Address
  • Websites
  • Phone Numbers
  • Logo
  • Company Biography

Secondly, you're able to choose how customers can get in contact with you. If you'd rather be contactable via your social media channels, you can add that.

Contact options can consist of the following:

  • Social Media
  • Referral Services (e.g. Checkatrade)

Thirdly, you have complete control as to what areas of the UK you will show up for in search results and your profile. 

Select via:

  • National Reach
  • National Regions
  • Local Authority

The next section you can optimise is your licenced trades.

You're able to indicate what trades you specialise in. When users are searching for your specialised trades, it will showcase the trade with a star and will let customers know you specialise in your chosen trades.

You're also able to easily become Trading Standards Approved

Working examples allows you to show off previous work you've done. For each photo, you can provide the date and a brief description.

Finally, you will be able to add what funding options you can help homeowners with. Whether that's a particular Government Scheme or a cashback initiative. Homeowners will be able to search for tradespeople that are offering their desired scheme.

Profile on a tablet

Portal Guide

The following guide will show how you can manage your portal, including how to:

  • manage the chat and search visablity function
  • update your information including logo and bio
  • manage your contact channels
  • edit your area coverage, subtrades and funding options
  • upload photos of your work examples
  • publish your profile
Data laptop

Tracking your insights

To make the most of your TrustMark Business Profile, you can track various activities and data that will be useful in taking proactive measures to improve the awareness and perception of your business.

You can track the following in your dashboard:

  • Overall Rating from your reviews
  • How many views has your profile had and how many times you've appeared in users' search results
  • The top 10 most searched keywords related to your business
  • Messages from homeowners
  • Notifications regarding your portal