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TrustMark, working with Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards,

our Primary Authority Partner, are now able to offer another level of

consumer protection & trade accreditation

working towards change

Rising consumer expectations mean they are seeking higher levels of service and they look for better quality workmanship. Tradespeople need to ensure that they retain an informed position and meet these changes head-on, delivering better standards of work, customer service and positively changing the face of their industries. This all works towards a future when consumers have confidence in the tradespeople they employ and that they see that 'rogue' traders are the exception, not the rule.

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with TrustMark helping consumers find reputable traders to work in their homes. This is a groundbreaking example of how central and local government can work together, combining national recognition and local reassurance to both protect residents and support local businesses." 

Steve Ruddy - Head of Service Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards

What makes this scheme different?

This scheme isn't just another 'badge' to add to your website and marketing materials. It's an investment with great benefits, it tells potential customers that you comply with not just our Government Endorsed Standards for quality of workmanship, but understand fair trading practices and have in place all the correct documentation and insurances. The consumer will know that Trading Standards have completed Intelligence Checks and TrustMark, DBS Checks . Once approved, consumers will gain confidence from knowing that you and your firm have been approved to use this accreditation. 

The cost of becoming Trading Standards Approved through TrustMark is £150 + VAT per year. This is in addition to any fee that your Scheme Operator may charge.

Additional benefits of the Trading Standards Scheme

Access to our 'Business Support Booklet'

Devised in partnership with members of the Trading Standards industry to deliver assured advice to our members, giving reassurance that your business is compliant with current consumer law.

'Trading Standards Approved' status

Show your commitment and provide greater confidence to your customers through the successful completion of DBS & Intelligence checks.

Greater exposure from the start

Consumers will see on the search results Registered Firms that have attained the 'Trading Standards Approved' status.  Giving you greater exposure and the consumers greater choice.

Prestigious 'Mark' for you to advertise

In addition to your 'dynamic' logo detailing your registered TrustMark trades, you will have access to the 'Trading Standards Approved' logo to use on all your documents, letterheads and marketing materials - let everybody know.


I am NOT TrustMark Registered

Before becoming Trading Standards Approved, you must first become a TrustMark Registered Firm.  The 'Join TrustMark' button will re-direct you to our online application form where you can choose your trade and be presented with a choice of Scheme Operators for you to register with.  You can still express your interest in becoming 'Trading Standards Approved', so we won't forget about you!

I am TrustMark Registered

As a TrustMark Registered Firm, applying for the Trading Standards Approved Scheme couldn't be easier. Simply search for your firm using your registered address postcode. Confirm the returned details and you will be directed to our online application form. On receipt of your application we will post your pack and email you an invoice for your first years membership fees (£150 + VAT). We aim to complete your application within 21 working days. If you have any questions, email us at or call 0333 555 0352.