TrustMark Approved Process - Following Evaluation By Our Compliance Team


The process was developed by The IAA and offers an approach to measure and address background ventilation requirements under pathways A and B of PAS 2035 and provides an alternative for pathway C whilst not replacing the airtightness testing requirements.

The process does not replace the existing air tightness qualification under the certification schemes but instead builds on the use of this equipment and provides direction as to its application to carry out background ventilation testing. This provides a more specific assessment of background ventilation along with a more comprehensive approach to ventilation assessment based on the actual performance of the property pre and post-installation.

TrustMark Approved Process


In order to use the process individuals carrying out testing must be certified by the Elmhurst Air Tightness Scheme, or the Air Tightness Testing and Measuring Association (ATTMA) and undergo training on the process from The IAA or Elmhurst as the two IAA recognised training providers. On completion, individuals must be certified with The IAA scheme and will receive a remote analysis of their lodgements along with onsite surveillance during the year.

This scheme has been approved by TrustMark as one of the methods of satisfying the requirements under PAS2035 Annex C for evaluating the need for background ventilation and subject to appropriate results can in some cases negate the need for the installation of additional background ventilation providing compliance with the scheme is maintained.

Please be aware that those who operate equipment and who are not registered with the scheme will not be permitted to lodge data to evidence sufficient background ventilation is in existence. Equally this approach does not negate the need for additional background ventilation such as door undercuts and trickle ventilation where results indicate that background ventilation is not adequate post-installation of an energy efficiency measure.