How does tradespeople insurance work?

Public liability insurance can also cover your business if a claim is made against you by a member of the public, and Employers Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have employees.

You can tailor your cover to suit your needs, amend cover limits as your business grows.



Churchill Expert understand that not all businesses are the same, so a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance would mean some businesses not having the right cover they need for their specific circumstances.

The NIG product sold to you by Churchill Expert can be tailored to suit your business needs with additional extras such as:

  • Injury cover for working partners (if you're a business partnership)
  • Cover for temporary employees and bona fide sub-contractors hired by your business
  • Insurance for tools and business equipment up to £10,000 per employee
  • Cover of business stock cover up to £5,000
  • Own plant cover (including temporary buildings and site huts) up to £50,000
  • Hired in plant cover, the limit on any one item is up to £20,000
  • Contract works cover, any one contract site up to £500,00
  • Personal accident for named people working for the business
Please note that by selecting any of these policy elements, this might increase your premium, so make sure you only select cover that is needed by your business.  The Churchill Expert team can help you find the right level of cover so that you can be reassured that the insurance you have fits your requirements.





What RESI means for TrustMark Registered Businesses

Founded in 2016, Resi  has fast become the largest residential architecture practice in the UK.  They have helped transform 2000 homes nationwide and are currently completing circa £10,000,000 new residential projects every month.

To ensure that customers get the best results, Resi is eager to place these developments exclusively with TrustMark businesses. If you are looking for new projects or ways to grow your business, you can reach out directly to their Team.

Contact: Jake Magowan Telephone: 0208 068 4811 Email:

The process is free and simple.  During your registration, Resi will establish what projects you're looking for, taking into consideration:

  • Size
  • Scope
  • Skillset
  • Location

At TrustMark, one of our commitments is to help you secure more business, allowing you to scale up.  This partnership with Resi will give you access to over £120,000,000 of new projects over the next 12-months, with opportunities tailored to your business.



Speed and efficiency

As part of the Resi connect service, Registered Businesses will have support during the tender process.  They not only tailor the opportunities to your specific requirements, arrange meetings and recommend your business, but are committed to reducing your time and money spent tendering on unwinnable projects.  To help with this they can provide support for 'one line pricing' and add your company profile to their platform, which will increase your presence.

Resi understand how much time and money goes into tendering and their sleek approach increase conversion rate and allow you to focus on clients who are interested in working with you.