How To Join


If you want to secure more business for your company by becoming TrustMark registered, you need to register through a Scheme Provider first. Being part of TrustMark comes with many benefits, full details of which can be found on our Trade Benefits page.

Once approved, your business will be promoted on our website for consumers to find and engage with you.

Please note: The only way to become TrustMark registered, is to be inspected and approved by one of our Scheme Providers as it is not possible to join TrustMark directly.

However we are only too happy to give advice:

Tel: 0333 555 1234  or   

If you are a PAS 2030 certified business and applying to join TrustMark through a Scheme Provider that is not your PAS 2030 certification body you will need to check that they are able to offer these trades and can validate, monitor and provide TrustMark with your PAS 2030 certified annexes.
Should they not offer these trades, lodgement of work into the Data Warehouse will not be possible and you should contact your certification body membership team to support your TrustMark application.

Step 1: Select your company's trade