Retrofit Coordinator Lodgement Journey

Data Warehouse Lodgement Process For ECO4 Now Available


As of the 30th June 2022, TrustMark has launched the Data Warehouse Lodgement Process for ECO4.


The move from ECO3 to ECO4 has required extensive development of the TrustMark Data Warehouse, while doing this development we have considered the requirements of ECO 4 alongside feedback from the supply chain around the enhancements they would like to see.


Enhancements include flexibility to cater for, where required, multiple visits to a property to complete multiple measures. This facilitates the possibility of getting paid for work delivered in stages. 


The TrustMark Data Warehouse enhancements also provide a new, simple ‘dashboard’ for viewing assessments, projects created and measures, and allow the Retrofit Coordinator greater management of their account with the ability to add additional users including allowing them permissions to submit data on their behalf.


In addition, the search function has been improved, with a helpful ‘recently viewed’ field along with upgraded export options to download transactions, invoices, and project data.


Below you will find a link to a resources page where we have provided some simple guides around how to lodge in the Data Warehouse, this is also where we will be publishing the Data Dictionary – with the relevant ECO4 updates.


*As with ECO3, when ECO4 regulations are in place, the appropriate guidance documents will be produced by Ofgem.

ECO4 - PAS2035:2019 Lodgement Process


Using the Data Warehouse, Retrofit Coordinators will work through the process of PAS2035:2019 to create their project delivery. All lodgements begin with the retrofit assessment, including the:


  • Identification of defects (And those that must be addressed as part of the retrofit)
  • Agreeing the Intended Outcomes with the property owner
  • Evaluating the Improvement Options
  • Creating the medium-term improvement plan
  • Completing the project risk assessment
  • Providing the retrofit design: what measures, defects and how thermal bridges and ventilation has been addressed

Lodgement consists of an Assessment, a Project and lodgement of measures installed.

The following diagram shows the Retrofit Coordinator journey:

Data Warehouse Support

To find some simple guides around how to lodge in the Data Warehouse, including six video lodgement guides that will walk you through how to make a lodgement under ECO4. Please click the button below.


Lodgement Fees

  • To create a project - £30 per project
  • To lodge multiple measures against the project at one time and complete and close the lodgement - £15
  • If you wish to lodge measures to the same project in separate stages, the cost per stage is - £15 per stage
  • If it is not possible to complete all intended stages - £5 for the project completion and certificate generation

If you are a Retrofit Coordinator who is also a Retrofit Assessor and you lodge your retrofit assessment at the same time as you lodge your project, there is no additional charge.


Assessment By Retrofit Coordinator


 Lodgement Action Completed in 1 LodgementLodged in 2 Phases - Project Completed with Final Stage Only 1 Phase is Undertaken
Create Project £30 £30 £30
Lodge Both Stages £15 - -
Lodge Stage 1 - £15 £15
Lodge Stage 2 - £15 -
Completion - - £5
 Total £45 £60 £50



With Standalone Assessment by Retrofit Assessor


Lodgement Action Completed in 1 LodgementLodged in 2 Phases - Project Completed with Final Stage Only 1 Phase is Undertaken
Standalone Assessment£5£5£5
Create Project£30£30£30
Lodge Both Stages£15--
Lodge Stage 1-£15£15
Lodge Stage 2-£15-



TrustMark is a not-for-profit organisation whose role is to continually invest in its products and services for our Scheme Providers, Registered Businesses and to support consumers in finding quality businesses to complete works in and around their home. 

ECO 4 and staged lodgement brings several benefits to the supply chain and Whole House Retrofit. The ability to make staged lodgements should enable effective delivery and completion of work on a property and allow the retrofit professionals flexibility in completion and reduce the risk of lost measures. 

To facilitate the delivery of partial and full project delivery, TrustMark has worked with Ofgem and BEIS to establish a process that is aligned with PAS:2035 and the requirements of ECO. We have built upon the lessons of operating various roles in ECO 3 to design a service that underpins Quality Assurance to the required level and provides flexibility to the supply chain. 

The process now fully supports PAS:2035, structured retrofit data and the increased TrustMark oversight responsibility for Quality Assurance, Onsite Audits, and Compliance Functions. For some measures there will be additional points of audit due to the increased number of parties involved in the projects.

That will depend on how you are planning to lodge your works. At its simplest, the creation of a Project is £30 +VAT and the lodgement is £15+VAT, Lodgements are no longer capped at six measures.  

However, to meet the requirements of ECO 4 and provide supply chain flexibility there are options to how you lodge work. Each of these options provides opportunity for additional parties to be involved and additional audit stages, naturally as the complexity increases so does the cost to serve: 

  • If the Retrofit Coordinator creates the assessment, lodges all measures and completes the project in one session, then the price has increased from £30 to £45 + VAT.  

  • If the Retrofit Coordinator completes the project in two-stages, adding further measures before completing the project then there will be an additional payment of £15 + VAT 

  • If the Retrofit Coordinator creates the assessment, lodges the measures of stage one and then the further measures of the plan are ‘abandoned,’ in addition to the £45 + VAT, there will be a further charge of £5.00 + VAT to complete the project. 

  • For a Retrofit Assessor to lodge a standalone assessment that will be used by a Retrofit Coordinator the cost will be £5 + VAT. This is a new service that has been requested by the supply chain. 

To update a submitted lodgement will cost £10 + VAT. There are several opportunities for checking that data is correct before submission. 

A Retrofit Coordinator can:

  1. Create their own Retrofit Assessments if they are also a Retrofit Assessor (RA)
  2. Retrieve a Retrofit Assessment that has been lodged by an RA - if the share permission is set by the RA and both the Assessment Reference and Postcode are known.
  3. Enter a Retrofit Assessment on behalf of a RA (as per the ECO 3 process) and provide the RA’s TrustMark Licence Number (TMLN). If the RA is registered with more than one scheme for that Licence Number, the RC will have to select which scheme is applicable.