In relation to TrustMark The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) (Amendment) Order 2019 essentially requires two things:

  • The measure is installed by, or under the responsibility of, a person who is registered with TrustMark for the purposes of that measure.
  • A certificate of 'Lodgement' is issued by TrustMark in respect of the measure.

This page provides simple guidance on how to meet these requirements.




Businesses do not register directly with TrustMark, registration can only be obtained through a Scheme Provider - this may be your current PAS:2030 Certification Body


To participate in ECO you need to be TrustMark registered


If you are already TrustMark registered

Speak with your Scheme Provider to ensure that your scope covers your PAS:2030 certification and the relevant annexes and that they have informed TrustMark. This is needed for your measures to be eligible for the ECO scheme.

To become TrustMark registered you need to register through a Scheme Provider.

Being part of TrustMark comes with many benefits, full details of which can be found on our Trade Benefits page. You can find information about the requirements of our Framework Operating Requirements (Annex A and B may help your understanding), Code of Conduct and Customer Charter in our Useful Links page.

Please note: The only way to become TrustMark registered, is to be inspected and approved by one of our Scheme Providers as it is not possible to join TrustMark directly.

However we are only too happy to give advice:

Tel: 0333 555 1234  or   

You can only Lodge work that you were TrustMark registered for at the time of installation - check with your Scheme Provider that we know the PAS:2030 edition and annexes that you are certificated to.

To lodge work in the Data Warehouse and generate the Certificate

TrustMark Registered Businesses will have simple access to the Data Warehouse by creating an account for their TrustMark Business Portal

If you are an ECO installer and already use a software platform check with your provider as some are seeking to integrate with the Data Warehouse so that you can continue to use the platform that you are familiar with.

To help you get started we have created answers to FAQ's, screen shots and other resources on the Data Warehouse Support page.

PAS 2035

Information about PAS:2035 and transition is available here: TrustMark ECO and PAS Relationships Document v2.0

ECO Financial Protection

To address questions from industry and provide clarity in relation to how Section 10 (Financial Protection) of the Framework Operating Requirements V2.0 will work in practice, we have established the following:

In line with the exemption statement on page 17 of the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements (FOR), the necessity for an 'appropriate guarantee' for underfloor and room-in-roof insulation, as stipulated by Ofgem, is subject to a transition period to allow enough time for guarantee providers to make these guarantees available.

The transition period will end 30th June 2020, after which date the requirement of appropriate guarantees applies.

TrustMark recognises that this interim position created requires the business to ensure that the consumer is protected during this short transitional period, and like all other measures where TrustMark stipulates a minimum period of 2 years financial protection, we are endeavouring to work with the industry experts to cover this unique situation.

TrustMark is working with Ofgem on the future of ECO Financial protection and has adopted the current list of Appropriate Guarantees and when available, updates will be published on our Financial Protection page.


Last update: 03 December 2019