TrustMark works with a number of Scheme Providers from many areas of the building service trades, consisting of trade associations, certification and governing bodies, Competent Persons Schemes and other organisations where the delivery of standards is core.

To become part of the TrustMark Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, a Scheme Provider must be able to demonstrate its ability to operate to the robust Framework Operating Requirements document, incorporating the Code of Conduct.

Scheme Providers adhere to the Framework Operating Requirements in order to offer TrustMark registration to their member businesses wishing to join the Government Endorsed Quality scheme. If your organisation is interested in becoming a Scheme Provider, the following overview will guide you through the requirements of the Scheme.

Scheme Provider - Best Practice Model

A QMS-styled suite of pre-defined modules given to aspirant scheme providers allowing them to integrate within their business, in planned and supported stages, an infrastructure to deliver and remain compliant against the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements (FOR).

To support the compliance of the FOR delivery, additional provision of modules will include:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Energy Efficiency and Retrofit
  • Application and Surveillance
  • Sanctions
Applicant Objective

Achieve a licence to deliver a membership scheme within the Government Endorsed Quality industry sectors, of funded and able to pay.

Applicant Deliverables

The scheme will be delivered and remain compliant with the FOR by:

  • Vetting the bona fides of businesses/individuals applying for TrustMark licensing
  • Using key principles of competence, legal, customer and financial protection
  • A continual risk-led surveillance programme
  • Investigating complaints within an auditable process focused on valid resolution
  • Integrating Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Applying sanctions to businesses where breaches of the FOR have occurred
  • Providing regular MI Reporting
TrustMark Deliverables

TrustMark will look to provide the following:

  • Independent assessment of the ability to deliver a TrustMark Licensed Scheme
  • A free self-help or consultation-led service delivered online or face-to-face
  • A scalable and flexible approach to allow delivery for any scheme / sector
  • Developed modules with built-in FOR / Licence Plus compliant functionality
  • Tools and support to enable a licence application
  • Sequentially staged development and delivery


TrustMark collaborates with applicants to determine and analyse the organisational structure and capacity to deliver the licensed scope. This stage is conducted through an initial face-to-face meeting and is evidenced by Companies House searches, Director credit reports, audited accounts and Letters of Intent.

TrustMark can offer a partial or full service depending on the initial analysis which can be developed to meet the needs of the applicant - who can then choose a ‘self-help’ or ‘consultant-led’ approach. Working together, we can provide ready-to-use modules to support the application:

  • Resource and Competence
  • Administration / Compliance Functions Training
  • Employed Staff and Contractors’ Skillsets
  • Consumer Information
  • Financial Protection Requirements
  • Vetting of Applicants Annual Surveillance
  • Disputes Resolution
  • Web Platform / eCommerce

Working through any gaps identified in the initial assessment and demonstrating how these will be addressed enables the submission of an ‘official’ application.


Final recommendations are submitted to TrustMark Head of Compliance (HoC) for review and a report is given to the Independent Board for the approval of a licence for the applied scope.

Welcome to TrustMark - A Day in The Life of a TrustMark Licensed Scheme Provider

To support the new Scheme Provider in integrating day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, TrustMark will provide on-boarding documents and supporting functions, which will include:

  • Checklists
  • ‘Welcome’ Letter, Certificate, Licence, and sub-licence template for businesses
  • Licence Administration Portal guide and ‘first-time’ login details for appointed lead
  • TrustMark Departmental Contacts
  • Introduction to Compliance, Operations, Finance and Communications
  • Business Application Form aligned to Annex A of the FOR

Welcome to TrustMark - A Day in The Life of a TrustMark Licensed Business

To support Scheme Providers in growing and maintaining membership, TrustMark will provide the following functions, guides and activities:

  • Data Warehouse and Business Portal platform – Access and Support
  • Code of Conduct & Consumer Charter
  • Simple-to-use model contracts
  • Pre-Qualification for Licence Plus (where applicable)
  • Access to our free QMS
  • Simple-to-use model contracts and access to Assured Advice (amended)
  • Vehicle Livery & Marketing Materials
  • Trading Standards Approved Scheme

Scheme Providers, as a minimum, must desktop audit Registered Businesses to ensure continued compliance with the published FOR and Code of Conduct.

TrustMark audits Scheme Providers annually to ensure sustained compliance with the FOR and are on-hand to provide help and guidance where required throughout the year to mitigate any issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of the scheme.


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