TrustMark Scheme Providers work with businesses to drive up standards, have a commitment to high-quality work and excellent customer services.


TrustMark licences and audits over 35 Scheme Providers with over 15,000 Registered Businesses. These encompass 156 different service types and include everything you might expect: plumbers, electricians and builders to a few you might not: carpet cleaners, landscape gardeners and leadwork specialists, plus most trades in-between.

Under the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements, Scheme Providers are responsible for the conduct of their members and must do their best to help resolve disputes between businesses and their customers. If the dispute is complex, the Scheme Provider may suggest using an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider to help resolve the matter.

At TrustMark we understand that dealing with disputes can be stressful and our priority is to help consumers achieve fair, timely and cost-effective solutions. Our role is not to investigate specific consumer complaints, but we work closely with our Scheme Providers, and they with their Registered Businesses, to ensure that the correct processes and procedures within the TrustMark scheme have been followed.

Steps To Becoming A TrustMark Scheme Provider

It will benefit you to self-audit against the core documents. Our compliance team at TrustMark will be happy to advise and support the understanding of these requirements

The application form will be submitted to our compliance team for review. Guidance notes are issued to support the completion of this phase.

A desktop review of the application and the information submitted will take place. Where required the compliance team will contact the organisation for clarity or confirmation of the information submitted. TrustMark will undertake a number of checks into the organisation’s business to confirm areas such as trading history, financial status, ability to trade, standing in industry along with other checks to ensure the ability of the organisation to deliver Government Endorsed Quality

An audit will take place at your head office of the quality system and its processes to verify compliance with the Framework Operating Requirements. If necessary, a witnessed on-site technical audit will be arranged.

An independent review of the audit findings will determine if the organisation can become TrustMark licensed. If successful, the organisation will be encouraged and supported to grow its own scheme and membership of registered businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a TrustMark Scheme Provider, please get in contact with our  

TrustMark Registered Providers

TrustMark works with a number of Scheme Providers from across the building service trades, including trade associations, certification and governing bodies, Competent Persons Schemes and other organisations for whom the delivery of standards is core.

Become a TrustMark Scheme Provider

To become part of the TrustMark Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, a Scheme Provider must be able to demonstrate its ability to operate to the robust Framework Operating Requirements document, incorporating the Code of Conduct.