Lodgement Data Dictionary

These documents are provided as part of the Beta program to obtain feedback on the data items requested for Lodgement of work and to help establish the requirements for Lodgement under PAS:2035.

This will shortly be supported with an API so that early adopters can engage in the refinement of the process. 


Get Involved

We are seeking organisations keen to help shape the programme and become early adopters of the Data Warehouse, helping establish the API's and embed the Data Warehouse into existing workflows.

Email data@trustmark.org.uk providing an outline of your areas on interest and one of the team will get in touch to discuss.


Note to our Scheme Providers


Advance notice of changes to CSV's


To provide greater clarity on the work that your businesses are registered to undertake, we have to create new trades to distinguish between the variations of the work types and Certification held by your members. This will primarily affect organisations delivering Energy Efficiency Measures. Further details to be issued when PAS 2030:19 and PAS 2035:19 are published. 

Within the Data Dictionary the 'Work Type' worksheet the 'Trade Description' and  'TrustMark Trade Code' contain the proposed changes to trades. Where a business is Certificated to PAS 2030 it will be necessary to advise of the version i.e. PAS 2030:2017 or PAS 2030:2019. The PAS Certification ID will also be required in the 'Other Data' sections of the CSV.

Further instruction to follow, these changes will be required for relevant trades by Monday 16th September.