The Data Warehouse aims to address a range of market risks in response to the recommendations of the Each Home Counts review commissioned by Government in 2015 and published in December 2016.

The Review identified 27 recommendations including the development of the Data Warehouse to enable consumers to access more accurate data and information about their homes, which can be used to provide stronger and more bespoke advice. It also highlighted the importance of how this system should be developed to help industry understanding of the market and to support compliance monitoring of the quality mark. 


To deliver the above we are creating a Data Warehouse – to act as the industry facing repository of information about work undertaken and the property being improved and a Property Hub to act as the consumer-facing platform where they can access a ‘log book’ about their property – helping establish who did what and when.



There is also a clear need for property-specific information to better inform and protect the consumer.

Dr Peter Bonfield, OBE, FREng

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Email providing an outline of your areas on interest and one of the team will get in touch to discuss.


TrustMark takes Privacy and security of your data very seriously our Data Warehouse and Property Hub - Privacy Notice informs how your data will be used. We have engaged with various industry sectors during its development. 


Data Warehouse


  • Lodgement populates Data Warehouse and Risk Model for the work and services related areas and ECO
  • Helps get installation right 1st  time through combining knowledge
  • Underpins compliance and enforcement across Schemes
  • Reduces risks from Phoenix Companies
  • Provides industry insights and continual feedback


It will be possible for work to be lodged into the Data Warehouse via an on-screen form or via automated routes for those with the capability. Further detail on lodgement and the technical aspects of the data warehouse will be published throughout the beta phase.

Data Dictionary

Our Data Dictionary contains details on the information required to lodge data in the Data Warehouse. 


We have created an API so that users have the choice of using the screens to enter data or to integrate their existing systems with the Data Warehouse to lodge data. We have created a sample project and will update the information on our GitHub page as necessary.

Help and Support

Guidance and answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our Data Warehouse - Support page.


Beta Screenshots





PAS 2035

A new standard sponsored by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), has been published PAS 2035:2019 Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency. This is a key document in a framework of new and existing standards on how to conduct effective energy retrofits of existing buildings, it covers how to assess dwellings for retrofit, identify improvement options, design and specify Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) and monitor retrofit projects.

For many projects, much of the property information collated during this process will be stored in the Data Warehouse. A PAS 2035 - TrustMark Overview for discussion has been created.


PAS 2035:19 Overview

PAS2035 Overview Icon

Property Hub (Passport)

The homeowner facing view of relevant information from the Data Warehouse.

  • Secure repository to find information about a property including who did what when and any guarantees etc.
  • Will contain routes to advice on further home improvements and funding options
  • Initial focus on dwellings, small commercial property a possibility


More details will be provided throughout the development process.

Page updated 26 October 2020