Planning a home renovation? Here’s what you need to know

Jun 5, 2020, 13:49 PM by User Not Found

Renovating your home can be an effective way of adding significant value, but it might also be a good way to help you fall back in love with where you live.


We all have ideas of what our perfect home would look like, but remodelling and renovating can help us move towards those goals in our existing property. Whether it is an extension, a change around internally, or a method by which to add value ahead of a sale, renovating a home can serve several purposes.

Whatever reason you have for making changes, be sure to follow our handy guide of things you must know before starting.


Budgeting is perhaps the most important aspect of any home renovation. While you can get away with spending around £1,000 for mostly cosmetic changes to a single room, you might need to spend upwards of £10,000 if you're looking at a bespoke luxury bathroom upgrade or structural works. That’s a widely varying figure for anyone to work with. The best way to budget accurately is to get a professional opinion.

You can request a quote from up to three selected tradespeople by utilising our free customer dashboard. This will help you to compare trusted tradespeople as you consider your budget.

Make sure you’re prepared for unseen problems, particularly with works to the fabric of your home and build in a contingency of around 20% to any final costs. Be realistic too; don’t expect to build an extension on the cheap just by doing a few of the odd jobs yourself.


There are two aspects to this: planning permission and planning your job. Your renovations may need planning permission, particularly if they alter the external elements of your property, so do be aware of possible restrictions.

The more you know about building rules and restrictions, the better and more creatively you can lay out a plan for your renovation. Simply looking for inspiration on the web can do a lot to aid this process. If you’re more concerned about renovating for market value, our feature on ‘Home Improvements as an Investment’ can help you identify which renovations will be most profitable in the long run. If you are hoping to make your property as marketable as possible look to incorporate the latest trends in your renovation.

Today’s market favours minimal interior spaces like the modern neutral. This pared-back look is perfect from a selling point as it updates the room to make it look more modern, while also giving future homeowners a blank canvas on which to implement their own ideas. Whatever your end goal may be, it's important to plan accordingly.


If you’re planning on remodelling the inside of a property, make sure you get demolition right. Think of it as readying the canvas before you start painting your masterpiece. 

This might be a good time to reroute some of those services through floorboards or in the ceiling, but don’t take out a wall blindly. Make sure you check whether it is load bearing too. Demolition might seem a straightforward job, but you must make sure the wall is safe to take down otherwise your job could be a disaster. If in doubt it is best to contact a professional. This is where you need to coordinate your trades to work together, for larger scale projects we recommend a retrofit coordinator to oversee the planning and works to ensure the order of works is considered.

Whether you’re planning a cosmetic redo of a room, overhauling floor layouts, or renovating for increased market value, the above-mentioned steps will be crucial to the final outcome of your project. Following these tips will certainly put you on a firm footing for planning your renovation in 2020.

Hire Tradespeople

Hiring tradespeople is a vital part of your renovation. Finding trusted and professional tradespeople is essential and by using TrustMark you can search for one of their Registered Businesses who have been checked and approved to work on your renovation.

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