TrustMark welcomes CIGA as TrustMark Scheme Provider in a positive step towards higher quality

Jun 24, 2019, 10:36 AM by User Not Found

As TrustMark continues its endeavours to help homeowners make good choices when it comes to enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes, we are happy to announce that the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) has become a TrustMark Scheme Provider.

When a body chooses to go through this process, they are making a serious commitment to quality and will submit to an intensive auditing process in which they must demonstrate that they meet standards as laid out by the Framework Operating Requirements.  To ensure consistency of quality and continuous improvement, these audits are completed on an annual basis. 

TrustMark CEO, Simon Ayers commented “When discussions began with CIGA, we were very aware of the historical issues surrounding this sector, and the levels of previous consumer concern along with some of the changes CIGA had made to address these.  It is entirely because of these issues and CIGAs personal learnings that it is appropriate that TrustMark and CIGA work together to establish excellent practices that will ensure homeowners are further protected.

TrustMark is delighted in the commitment CIGA has shown to improve the levels of protection consumers can expect when using cavity wall insulation to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their home. “

When installed correctly by competent operatives,  cavity wall insulation can make a significant difference to the warmth and energy efficiency of a building, saving homeowners an average of £170 per annum on their fuel bills.  Following the guidance stemming from the Each Home Counts review, that the holistic energy performance of the home is taken into consideration when making any individual recommendations, forming a partnership between CIGA and TrustMark is essential to oversee this process.

Nigel Donohue, CIGA’s CEO, commented on the development:  “CIGA is continuously looking at ways we can improve the experience of people getting access to cavity wall insulation.  We have worked very hard on our processes and learned from the mistakes of the past.  This new stage of CIGA as a TrustMark Scheme Provider is an important development, and one that shows the level of commitment to quality that we have, and how far we have come as a sector.”

TrustMark is driven by several factors, including helping consumers make improvements to the energy efficiency of their homes, and enhancing the protection consumers can depend on when making such decisions.  To ensure consumer protection remains central to all TrustMark activity, a Consumer Protection Council was recently appointed.

Julie Hunter, TrustMark Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Consumer Protection Council recognised the positive nature of a joined-up approach to quality and consumer protection between TrustMark and CIGA:

“Historically, cavity wall insulation has been a problem area for consumers, with a small number of rogue installers exacerbating the level of complaints and damaging consumer confidence.

However, in recent years, there have been substantial changes within the industry to address these issues, leading to improvements. CIGA has demonstrated that it meets TrustMark's strict entry requirements and, like all of our scheme providers, will be monitored regularly to ensure that it delivers the highest levels of protection for consumers. I believe that CIGA’s membership has the potential to raise quality and rebuild consumer trust in this sector." 


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