• Posted by Louise Cook Monday Nov 14, 2016

Electricians: recharge your business batteries!

As an electrician you’ve probably encountered heaps of disastrous and somewhat dangerous electrical messes left behind from previous traders. You might even be left to clean up the mess! But when horror stories are picked up in the press, what many people don’t realise is that rogue traders are the exception, not the rule
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Here’s our top advice on how to distinguish yourself from the rogues and pass on some fantastic customer service:

  • When purchasing new properties, remind your customers to check the current state of the electrics. A survey will not inspect this for them, so homebuyers will need to go the extra mile.  


  • Always use an electrician that is part of an organization approved by the Government, such as NICIEIC, ELECSA, Stroma or Napit.


  • Talk your customers through common problems and practical solutions. Not all things require a call-out, but if customers don’t know how to switch the circuit back on after it trips they will either put up with the problem for way too long, or seek help for something they could easily fix themselves.

Recent research undertaken by NICEIC and ELECSA also reveals that whilst up to 50% of us will be making regular calls on elderly relatives this winter, less than 20% of us will be checking the electrics are in good working order.  Remember to encourage your customers to check the electrics of their nearest and dearest. 

Another way you can appeal to your customers is through accreditations schemes such as TrustMark. Accreditations do go a long way to do some of the convincing for you. You don’t need to tell your customers you are a reputable firm, as they can see you’ve been inspected by an independent body and you’ve passed the test!


If you are an electrician looking for a respected seal of approval for your business, take a look at how becoming TrustMark can shine some positive light on your firm: https://www.trustmark.org.uk/tradespeople/how-to-join