What is Whole House Retrofit?


Whole House Retrofit is a complete approach to making homes more energy-efficient, focusing on the fabric of the house first including the walls, roof, floors, windows and doors, to strategies for ventilation, heating efficiency and cooling in the summer months.

By considering the whole house, these improvements will start a journey to healthier and more comfortable homes. Approximately 24 million homes across the UK need retrofitting, made low carbon, low-energy and help address climate change.


Possible renovations include, but are not limited to

  • Insulation
  • Airtightness 
  • Ventilation
  • Heating and cooling systems 
  • Renewable technologies
  • Water heating systems
  • Efficient lighting 
  • Energy monitoring systems 
  • Using locally generated power that uses zero-carbon technologies

Why is Whole House Retrofit important?

Under the Climate Change Act 2008 the UK needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. 

To meet the UK's government climate change targets, we must retrofit all homes to an EPC band C standard by 2035. Therefore, one of the key considerations for any homeowner is; How energy efficient is my home?” Housing efficiency is one of the major ways to reduce carbon and give us the best possible chance of meeting targets to help us reduce fuel poverty and make healthier homes.

We are working with the government and industry through new legislation and standards in order that quality improvements are made to UK housing stock. Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) is the government’s programme to make UK homes more energy-efficient and is focused exclusively on these households with low incomes or living in fuel poverty.

How can TrustMark help you? 

TrustMark is driven by several factors, including helping consumers make energy efficiency improvements to their homes and enhancing the protection they can depend on when making such decisions.

To find out more about retrofitting your home, you can speak to a specialised Retrofit Coordinator in your area using our search tool here or download our guide to Whole House Retrofit here.


Additionally, you will have access to the TrustMark Property Hub, which holds information such as:

  • When the work was completed?
  • Who completed the work?
  • Information about guarantees and financial protection.
  • Retrofit assessment records.
  • Associated work records.