Are you planning on hiring a business to work in or around your home?


Whether the job is big or small, there are certain steps we advise you to take.  For your own protection, please take a few minutes to read this advice.  Following these guidelines could save you time, money and a lot of stress.


When employing a business you should:


    • Be specific and set out a clear, detailed brief - requesting quotes from at least 3 businesses.
    • Ask friends and family for recommendations and check the TrustMark Online Directory to ensure the business is registered for the particular services you require.
    • Seek references, read reviews, speak to previous customers and if possible, visit previous jobs. Research a company and check their website.
    • Don't just select the cheapest.  Consider how you would communicate with the business representatives, as well as the quality of their work.
    • Only pay for work that has been completed unless using a service like the TrustMark Payment Protection service which releases funds to the business at key project milestones.

    • If materials need to be bought in advance by the business, it is reasonable that the customer is asked to pay a fair percentage of these costs as the job progresses.
    • Always use a written contract as it offers you protection if anything does go wrong and a dispute arises. Contract templates can be found in our Consumer and Business Portals and have been issued through our Trading Standard Assured Advice Service.
    • Agree in writing on any changes to the agreed contract value before the work is completed.
    • You can use our free Homeowner Portal, this will allow you to track each stage of a project, compare quotes, upload photographs and relevant documents and ask questions of your chosen business in one convenient, secure online platform.


    How Do I know A Tradesperson Is Trustworthy?

    If a business is TrustMark registered, it is working to a Code of Practice set down by an approved Scheme Provider. TrustMark Registered Businesses are thoroughly vetted and continually monitored to ensure they meet required standards in technical competence, customer service and trading practices, so homeowners can be sure they’re making the right choice.

    How Do I know The Business Is Financially Sound?

    A Registered Businesses' trading record and financial position are checked when they first join TrustMark, however, such checks cannot guarantee a business will not hit financial difficulties. For this reason, we insist all Registered Businesses provide a warranty that provides increased protection if the firm goes out of business.

    Who Checks Up On These Businesses?

    TrustMark's approved Scheme Providers (which include trade associations, local authorities / Trading Standards, certification inspection schemes and commercial organisations) check the performance of all the businesses signing up to TrustMark through their schemes.

    If you have a dispute with a business and are unable to come to a resolution, you will need to escalate the dispute to the business’s Scheme Provider. If you are unsure who the Scheme Provider is, please refer to the TrustMark website and look under “Find a Tradesperson” for the business you are unhappy with. Under the details of the business, you will see the Scheme Provider they are registered with.

    If there is more than one Scheme Provider, please check the trades covered under each to ensure you contact the right one.

    See Our Scheme Providers

    So Who Checks Up On The Approved Scheme Providers?

    We do. The TrustMark Compliance Team monitors approved Scheme Providers on behalf of the TrustMark Board. The Board reviews each approved Scheme Provider's performance, taking into account the operation and processes of each organisation, measuring against the criteria outlined in the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements.

    Read Our Framework Operating Requirements

    What Standards Of Workmanship Can I Expect?

    TrustMark Registered Businesses are checked and monitored against recognised British, international or industry standards. We ensure you receive a good standard of workmanship and that any complaint will be treated fairly if there is a problem. If you are unhappy with the service you have received from a TrustMark Registered Business.

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