Protect yourself from logo misuse

TrustMark logo on white van

Spot our Logo?

Consumers are becoming savvier when looking for tradespeople. They no longer take accreditations on face value and are checking with Schemes, Trade Associations and Governing Bodies to ensure businesses have the right to use them.

We are seeing an increasing number of tradespeople and their firms advertising themselves as being TrustMark registered when they are NOT. Our logo is being used on their websites, vans and marketing materials to mislead those hiring them into believing they are registered with us and can offer the protection and benefits associated with TrustMark. 

Research the Business

If you see our logo, check that the firm is registered by using our Find a Business facility.

If you would like to report the unauthorised use of our logo, accreditation or reference to us, please ensure that you have evidence to support your claim i.e. website, invoice, quotation, flyers – then contact us.

We will then notify the business of the spotted misuse of the logo twice.  If they don't act and remove the logo or reference, we will notify the local Trading Standards office who can ultimately prosecute traders who break the law.

Rest assured that your personal details will stay confidential throughout the whole process in accordance with our Privacy Policy and we never share the details of how this was brought to our attention.