TrustMark’s Role and Responsibilities

TrustMark’s Role and Responsibilities in relation to complaints

At TrustMark, we understand that dealing with disputes can be stressful and our priority is to help consumers achieve a fair, timely, cost-effective resolution. Under the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements, Scheme Providers are responsible for the conduct of their Registered Businesses and must do their best to help resolve disputes between businesses and their customers, this may include the use of independent ADR for complex cases.

Our role is not to investigate specific consumer complaints but to ensure that the Scheme Provider has handled the complaint appropriately, correctly and in accordance with their dispute procedures. They in turn must ensure that Registered Businesses have done the same.

Under the Master Licence Agreement issued by the Department for Business and Trade, within which we operate, consumers are not entitled to compensation specifically under the TrustMark Scheme from the Department for Business and Trade, TrustMark, Scheme Providers or Registered Businesses, unless legislation states otherwise. Although if compensation, or funding to source other businesses to carry our remediation work is offered by the Registered Business or the Scheme Provider they can act as suitable resolution options.

Consumers retain the right to initiate civil proceedings against Registered Businesses for breach of contract and/or negligence and that should be the appropriate route for a consumer to receive compensation.

Rest assured that all complaints, whether or not they fall within our remit, are considered as part of our ongoing monitoring of Scheme Providers and Registered Businesses. If it is deemed that either the Scheme Provider or Registered Business has not acted in accordance with our requirements we will take appropriate action.

If you have a If you have a concern which relates directly to, or about TrustMark, we would like to hear from you.