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The process you should consider when hiring a Tradesperson

TrustMark is driven by several factors, including helping consumers make energy efficiency improvements to their homes and enhancing the protection they can depend on when making such decisions.

Step 1


Have a clear idea of the work you want to be done and research the probable cost and timescales. Remember that good people are in demand, so you may need to wait for the right tradesperson to do your work

They’ll talk to you about the type of improvements you want to carry out and what you’re looking to achieve

They’ll also want to understand how you and any other occupants use your home

Step 2


Obtain 3 quotes before starting any work. This will give you a range of prices to compare to help you decide who you engage in doing the work

Step 3

Recommendations and References

Ask friends and family for any personal recommendations. Always take up references and speak to previous customers – how did they find the tradesperson to deal with; were they tidy; did they turn up on time; did they keep to the price quoted and time they said the job would take? You can also use our "Find a Tradesperson facility.

Tip: Make sure the tradesperson is registered with TrustMark for the specific trade you need

Step 4


Always use a written contract. Both you and the tradesperson then have a clear written agreement about what is going to be done, when and how much it will cost. It offers you protection should anything go wrong and agree any changes to the contract in writing.

Tip: You can use our free Homeowner Portal to track your project, stage-by-stage


Step 5

Payments and funding

Don’t just go with the cheapest option or by paying with cash rather than a properly invoiced job which may include VAT. Only pay for work that’s been done and not by advance payments but be aware that you may be asked for a contribution towards materials when they are purchased.

Tip: Depending on the work you want to do, your property and personal circumstances, you may be able to access financial help from the government, local authorities or energy supplier schemes. Click here for further information


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