TrustMark has teamed up with Transpact, Europe’s leading escrow service to provide protection for both consumers and tradespeople – ensuring both parties move forward agreeing works to be carried out and the cost.

How does it work?

The contract is negotiated between the Consumer & Tradesperson, including works to be carried out, costings and what would trigger payments back to the consumer.

These details are entered on the Transpact web-form and a schedule of payments and dates are agreed by both parties.

Once the escrow proposal has been agreed and the monies transferred, both parties are protected.

TrustMark Escrow is available from just £6 per party, but may be subject to additional charges.  Please read the Transpact Additional Charges webpage.

Benefits for Consumers

Guarantee you receive everything you were promised by your tradesperson – or your money back!

If your tradesperson does not complete everything promised in your contract, you will receive money back for any work that was not successfully completed.

Benefits for Tradespeople

Guarantees 100% payment for a completed job.

Escrow combats the problem of tradespeople being unfairly ‘out of pocket’ on completion of jobs by securing the funds at the beginning of the project in a separate account, only releasing funds when the works have been completed to the standards outlined in the original contract.