One of TrustMark's foremost responsibilities as an organisation is to create a benchmark of quality for Registered Businesses to adhere to when dealing with their customers.

The following information, which can be found in our Code of Conduct, will help mutually agree what the work covers and how it will be paid for, agreeing this early helps both parties 'get it right' and avoid problems.

Further details are available in the Code of Conduct



A quotation should contain:


  • Business name and contact details
  • Company registration and VAT numbers (if applicable)
  • Customer’s name/address/contact details
  • Full breakdown of works, including ancillary (i.e. scaffolding, lowering of the level of ground water) including costs
  • Total price (incl. VAT for domestic customers)
  • How long the job will take
  • Any delivery costs
  • Any deposit needed
  • Details of stage payments (if agreed)
  • Any guarantee/warranty you will be providing
  • Payment terms (how/when will customer have to pay)
  • Any access needed (e.g. to water/electricity)



A contract needs:


  • Company name and contact details
  • Company registration and VAT numbers (if applicable)
  • An itemised description of the work to be carried out
  • Timetable for supplying goods and carrying out work
  • The total price (including VAT for domestic customers)
  • Any extra charges (such as costs of licences, permissions, deposits or delivery charges)
  • Standard hourly rate or potential charges for any work arising from unseen circumstances, and how any contract variations will be dealt with
  • Customer feedback and complaints procedure
  • Business terms and conditions
  • Any after sales service or guarantee
  • Cancellation rights (where applicable)
  • Whether the contract is dependent on any other conditions, e.g. successful grant application