What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a way of resolving disputes that does not involve going to court. Since October 2015, the EU Directive has made it a requirement for the UK Government to have ADR Services available for use in the UK.

Common forms of ADR are:

Mediation – Where an independent third party helps the parties come to a mutually agreeable outcome.

Arbitration – where an independent third party considers the facts and makes a decision that is binding.


For further information about ADR visit the Citizens Advice website

Benefits of ADR

If you’re thinking of taking a trader to court, judges would now have expected you to have considered the use of ADR. Some of the benefits of using ADR are:

  • More cost effective than court
  • The process can be set up as soon as the parties are ready to do so
  • The parties remain in full control of the process
  • It is more flexible and responsive to individual needs

How to find an ADR Provider

As a voluntary service all parties will need to agree to ADR.

All ADR Providers are listed on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)