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DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS? - TrustMark supports World Consumer Day 2017 -

Mar 15, 2017, 10:26 AM by Georgina Watkins

In support of World Consumer Day (15th March 2017), TrustMark, the only Government-endorsed scheme for all trades in and around the home, is advising consumers and businesses to understand their consumer rights and to empower them to exercise their rights with confidence. 

‘Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust’ is the theme for this year and is an annual event run by Consumers International.  The aim of the campaign is to promote the basic rights of consumers and to let them know they have access and choice, online redress, clear and informed choices and online security.   These provisions are in the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which came into force on 1 October 2015. 

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, said: “Consumers who know their rights shop with confidence, saving time and money, which is a benefit for all parties concerned.  People should be aware of their rights whenever they make a purchase, whether that be online or direct from a business such as a tradesperson.   Nobody wants to give or receive a faulty product or service, but it is important to know how to resolve any issues, should they arise.

“World Consumer Day 2017 is an important campaign and helps consumers’ focus their minds on understanding their rights and businesses’ their legal responsibilities.  It is important to encourage effective relationships between all parties and to take a responsible and active approach to prevent problems arising at a later stage, which is ultimately better for the business and the customer.”

TrustMark is continually looking at ways to provide greater levels of consumer protection and confidence and has recently launched a new scheme with Trading Standards to provide another level of consumer protection and trade accreditation to both householders and tradespeople in the home improvement, maintenance and repair sector.  The ‘Trading Standards Approved’ scheme is an accreditation that tells potential customers that the tradesperson not only complies with TrustMark’s Government-endorsed Standards for quality of workmanship, but they also understand fair trading practices and have in place all the correct documentation and insurances.

To help consumers and businesses gain a better understanding of their consumer rights, TrustMark is working with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to offer a 20% discount on a Consumer Rights Act 2015 e-learning course.   This course will provide a jargon free, step by step guidance and a single set of rights for consumers when they buy goods, digital content or services and clarifies the current legal framework.  To apply for the discount, click here and enter code ‘RIGHTS20’.

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