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DIY disasters could cost households up to £1000, warns Endsleigh ahead of Bank Holidays

Apr 27, 2015, 08:15 AM by User Not Found

Endsleigh Insurance, a TrustMark partner, has warned against ‘DIY disasters’ ahead of the bank holiday weekend as it released new figures today showing that over a third (35%) of household claims it received since the start of last year were for accidental damage.

On average, Endsleigh has paid out £933.56 to households on each of these claims – a number of which have been caused when DIY projects have gone wrong.

In May last year, Endsleigh’s figures showed above-average claims so, ahead of the upcoming bank holidays, the insurance provider is stressing to homeowners and tenants how important it is that accidental damage is included within their home insurance policy, to make sure they are adequately covered.

Endsleigh has looked into the most common causes of the accidental damage claims it receives from customers, which include: 

  • Spilling paint over floors when decorating
  • Knocking through a neighbour’s wall when doing building work
  • TVs falling off newly mounted wall brackets
  • Damaging furniture when moving it out of a room to decorate
  • Newly hung mirrors falling off the walls

Rory Grant, Home Account Manager  at Endsleigh said: “We have previously seen above average claims in May for accidental damage and it’s probably no coincidence this is a popular time of year for doing DIY jobs about the house. So with the average claim being close to £1,000, it’s really important that homeowners and tenants check that accidental damage is included within their home policy – especially if they’re planning any home improvements over the period. If not, they could see themselves having to foot an unexpected bill of several hundred pounds from a simple mistake.

“From accidently spilling paint over wooden floorboards to knocking a hole through a wall, we all know unexpected accidents happen, so it’s important people are properly covered. At Endsleigh, we can build an insurance policy tailored to the individual’s particular needs and so it’s really easy to ensure you’re covered.”

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, the Government-endorsed ‘find a tradesman’ scheme added: “DIY projects can be hugely gratifying, but homeowners should be cautious of attempting DIY beyond their skill-set to avoid any potential disasters. Faulty wiring and ill-placed electrical sockets can be extremely dangerous and homeowners should never attempt to carry out electrical or rewiring work without a qualified expert.  While it can be tempting to try your hand at DIY, we would advise only using reputable tradespeople for those jobs you can’t do yourself. By employing a TrustMark registered tradesperson, homeowners can have confidence that they are working with the best in the business, who will also save them both time and money in the long run.”

To encourage safer DIY projects, the Talk Lettings hub includes DIY maintenance advice articles and videos. From tips on how to bleed a radiator to advice on how to put up a shelf safely and securely.

The advice hub can be found at:


Data used was taken from Endsleigh claims taken from 5,823 household claims made from January 2014 to March 2015.