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What is TrustMark? - A not-for-profit social enterprise

The first in a new series of blogs that examines what TrustMark is (and what it is not) starts with our status as a not-for-profit social enterprise.
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There are so many badges and accreditations active within the domestic home improvement market that it can sometimes be difficult to understand the services and protections they provide to customers.

The Government recognised this difficulty in the findings of the Each Home Counts Review, which established the necessity for an all-encompassing ‘mark of quality’ that would provide the necessary clarity to consumers.

TrustMark has evolved to become this mark of quality, so you can be sure that whatever trade you are looking for, when you see the TrustMark logo you will be employing someone who has had their technical competence, trading practices and customer service checked to ensure it measures up to Government Endorsed Quality.

One aspect that clearly differentiates TrustMark from the majority of other badges and schemes that clamour noisily for your attention is that we are a not-for-profit social enterprise.  This means that we don’t generate income for profit, but instead reinvest it in the scheme, allowing us to develop more robust initiatives and further enhance the protection consumers can expect from TrustMark.

It is essential that TrustMark is so much more than simply a club that traders can pay to join.  Instead, the joining fee paid by each Registered Business ensures the correct audit and compliance process is observed and contributes to the development of other consumer protection services.

Use of TrustMark will always be free of charge to consumers, incorporating the ability to search for quality traders in your area, request quotes online, manage communications and projects through the Consumer Portals and even complaints handling (in the unlikely event that an issue arises.)

TrustMark’s key aims of protecting consumers and championing the businesses we know are doing the right thing, run central to everything we do and are unclouded by the need to make profit.


This is one of the key aspects that differentiates us from other brands competing for your attention, and is one of the most compelling reasons why we believe TrustMark is helping to improve customer confidence and choice, while helping quality businesses flourish.

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