• Posted by TrustMark Tuesday Sep 26, 2017

Can you put a price on a dodgy tradesman?

Our advice to customers at TrustMark has always been to get a range of quotes when finding someone to carry out home improvements, to ensure you are getting a quality job at a fair price. Amongst this, we suggest a number of other checks you should be doing which will put safeguards in place for both the customer and the firm.

That’s why we were so shocked discover that despite this well-known industry advice, many homeowners are still being fooled by a ‘bargain’. A recent study by HaMuch revealed that 56% of tradespeople say that the most commonly asked question from their customers is an enquiry into the cost of their services.  

When it came to checking the credibility of the tradespeople in question, the figures were much lower. Only 5% of customers asked the firm to provide testimonials from previous jobs. It would appear there is still some work to be done to spread the quality message and do the right checks to protect yourself and your home. 

Doing your research to get a good price on a job we cannot dispute. However, ensuring you get the quality of both service and workmanship that you intended won’t necessarily happen if you become fixated on getting the cheapest price.


That’s why research is key to ensure you have done everything in your power to vet the tradesperson you are using, and even having a dispute resolution service to fall back on if something does go wrong further down the line.

A great way to find a quality tradesperson is to ask close friends and family for recommendations – you can look at their home to see if you’d be happy with those results.

If you don’t have recommendations available in your local area, then you might want to think about finding a tradesperson that is part of a quality accreditation scheme, such as the Government-endorsed TrustMark. If you have found your own trader you can also find out if they are TrustMark registered using our search engine.

Finally, once you’ve narrowed it down, try not to get fixated on price. Ask for references from your chosen firm, photos from previous jobs and agree everything in writing with no upfront payments.

If you would like to get a range of quotes for local, vetted & inspected TrustMark registered tradespeople, visit www.trustmark.org.uk

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