Top TrustMark tips to make your house move a piece of cake

Jul 14, 2017, 09:17 AM by User Not Found
Described by many as the most stressful milestone out there, moving house is not the kind of thing you want to make a habit of. Particularly if it’s your first house move, you may fall into the trap of some common pitfalls that make you want to throw all of your lovely belongings out of the nearest window. To stop that happening, we’ve put together this useful step-by-step guide which (touch wood) will make it all run smoother.


Use it as an opportunity to de-clutter
Throw out the t-shirts you haven’t worn in the last century and the ugly vase you got for your birthday. The more clutter you have, the more there is to move and that’s where the stress takes over. Stop telling yourself you might need it one day, getting rid of what you don’t need now will save you time and energy further down the line.

Start packing weeks ahead

It’s true, no one likes to live on a building site, or rather that a house with sparse furniture and lots of boxes. That being said, packing up the things you won’t need, starting with areas that aren’t frequented very often such as spare rooms will save you the stress of having too much to do in too little time.

Create a checklist and label EVERYTHING

Before the day arrives, create an organised checklist however you wish, or even download a ready-made one from the internet and amend it to suit your belongings. Write down the order in which rooms / boxes need to be moved and where they are going, to stop you getting flustered during the move. It goes without saying that everything should be labelled, but make sure that the labels tally up with your checklist and it covers contents of each box.

Pack a moving day emergency box

There’s nothing worse than getting to your lovely new home to realise your kettle is buried at the bottom of a box and your instant coffee is somewhere else entirely. Pack a large box which has all of your first day amenities in it – toiletries, drink making facilities and equipment, cooking utensils and a few snacks to keep you going while you unpack. Remember to also pack a suitcase of clothes for the next couple of days, bedsheets and towels.

Hire a removal company

A house move is a big task! Doing it all yourself will save you a few quid but cost you in time and stress. Save yourself the trauma and call in a professional removal company to give you a helping hand. Look at testimonials from previous customers online before choosing your removal company.

Once it’s all over, call in the professionals
Once you’ve got settled in and unpacked, you might want to give yourself a rest, or you might want to get straight onto the home improvements and decorating. If you’re not fully equipped with the necessary qualifications, then don’t attempt home DIY and ensure you call in a credible, quality professional tradesperson.

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