Achieving longer lasting exteriors

Jul 11, 2017, 07:44 AM by User Not Found
Whether you’re looking to get your garden ready for the long summer evenings or your thoughts have already turned to weatherproofing your exterior before the temperature turns. Now’s the ideal time to shift your attention to your external projects.

A freshly painted exterior can instantly revitalise  your home and by using carefully considered  colour combinations, you can hide any flaws  whilst highlighting and enhancing your homes  best features. The latest innovations in paint also  mean you can achieve a superior, longer lasting  finish, even when you have the unpredictable  British climate to contend with! Not only will this  ensure your home looks its best but you’ll also reduce your need for maintenance, saving you precious time and money in the future. 

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As such, it’s always important to consider longevity when selecting an exterior colour scheme. That isn’t to say however that you should limit yourself to neutrals. It’s still possible to make your exterior just as striking and unique as your interior with the right colour scheme. You could choose to take a subtle, tonal approach or opt for a bolder aesthetic with contrasting yet complementary tones.

Whatever your style, there’s plenty of factors to consider when selecting your colours, from the age and style of your property to the direction it faces, but you can always utilise the expertise of your decorator to guide you through this decision and the latest exterior trends.

When it comes to woodwork, whether it’s decking or your windows and doors, proper treatment is key to give you a lasting, quality finish. This also protects you from potentially expensive repairs further down the line. But, it’s also important to consider the condition of your woodwork prior to this.

Woodwork can become easily damaged by sun, wind and rain and although this impact may seem minor at first, even surface damage can go on to comprise the overall strength of your wood over time. Ensuring surfaces are cleaned and where necessary repaired, before any treatment takes place with leave you with a superior finish, year after year.

To achieve exteriors that are both beautiful and sustainable, we recommend consulting your local TrustMark approved decorating expert. Find them today at

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