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TrustMark Registered Firm W A Electrical Services pushes for greater consumer protection

  • Posted by Wendy Ayres Tuesday Jan 24, 2017
I found my passion for being an electrician quite by chance, when I was working as an electrical assistant at a hospital. I liked the flexibility it gave me at the time, and still very much value that about the job. I’ve done various jobs throughout the years, and believe that anything you do should be to the best of your ability.
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Moran Roofing explain why TrustMark’s new feedback system boosts consumer protection

  • Posted by Darryl Moran Friday Jan 20, 2017
I started Moran Roofing in 1983, a continuing the trade introduced to me by my grandfather, we provide highly experienced and reliable roofing contractors. Over the years we have built up a long list of happy and satisfied customers, who frequently recommend our service to others. We have been working closely with Referenceline for many years to promote our services and show customers the high quality jobs we’ve done in the past
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TrustMark’s guide to beating blue Monday

  • Posted by Louise Cook Monday Jan 16, 2017
Today, the third Monday in January, marks what is considered by many to be the most miserable day of the year. With Christmas behind us for another year, there’s little to brighten up the dark nights and long days. If you find yourself feeling down today, we suggest keeping yourself busy and making some noticeable improvements to your home to make you feel good, which don’t have to cost to earth!
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New Years’ resolutions for your home that will impress the neighbours

  • Posted by Louise Cook Monday Jan 09, 2017
2016 has certainly been an interesting year for the trade industry here in the UK, with Brexit causing uncertainty in the economy and the Bonfield Review on each home matters being published last month. But as we draw the curtains on it talk now turns to New Years’ resolutions.
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Mediation - just compromise

  • Posted by Gregory Hunt Wednesday Jan 04, 2017
TrustMark appointed Hunt ADR Limited to be its mediation provider for disputes between TrustMark members and their consumer clients. We were also appointed to provide TrustMark with guidance on arbitration, including nominating arbitrators. Several months and mediations on, this blog looks at one recurring theme which, overcome, could make the mediation process far more useful to TrustMark and its members.

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