About TrustMark

TrustMark is a not for profit, social enterprise that focuses on raising standards for the trades covered and offers greater consumer protection when employing tradesmen to carry our work in and around the home.  TrustMark is licenced to run the scheme by the Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, which permits the use of the strapline, ‘Government Endorsed Standards’.  All TrustMark Registered Firms are vetted, monitored by Scheme Operators and audited by independent, qualified inspectors.

We currently cover 49 trades for work carried out in and around the home.  Trades include Electricians, Plumbers & Builders through to Interior Design & Solar Panel Installation. Remember to check Registered Firms licensed trades before you engage them – as not all may be covered in their TrustMark membership.


Leaving feedback couldn’t be simpler… you can search for the firm to leave your feedback here or alternatively visit the Registered Firms page and complete the form.  

In short, no. Registered Firms ranged from sole-traders to household names. We suggest that you get a minimum of three quotes for any work that you are thinking of getting done.  You can use the email facility on the search results page for the Registered Firm to request quotes or get questions answered.


Not all non-TrustMark firms are rogue traders! However, using a TrustMark firm should give you the confidence and peace of mind. Qualified inspectors carry out the on-site inspections and the Scheme Operators ensure that all the right checks have been carried out and should things go wrong, there are processes in place designed to make reaching a positive outcome as pain free as possible.

All TrustMark firms commit to working to Government endorsed standards as listed in our Core Criteria and industry best practices, as required by their certification or governing bodies.


TrustMark require registered firms to have on-site inspections no less than every 3 years by a qualified inspector, with insurances and similar documents checked every year by their Scheme Operator.  


TrustMark audits the Scheme Operators every year to ensure continued compliance with the Core Criteria and to assess the frequency and level of on-site inspections.

TrustMark operates under licence from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It is made up of a Board of Directors, which represents Consumers and Scheme Operators and whose activities are overseen by an Independent Chairperson.


TrustMark is a not-for-profit social enterprise.  TrustMark receive a small fee from the Scheme Operators for each Registered Firm.  It is the Scheme Operators choice if or how these fees are applied to the Registered Firms.  However, we expect that in most cases any administration fees for TrustMark membership will be small.

Simply, escrow allows consumers and tradespeople on agreement of their contract, to place the funds in a holding account until the agreed works have been completed. For further information click here.


Working with Reference Line, TrustMark have in place a feedback validation service.  Consumers & Registered Firms will be contacted to confirm the feedback before it is published.  This will safeguard that only valid feedback for works completed will appear for the Registered Firms. It will also differentiate between feedback and a dispute, ensuring the consumer is sign-posted to the correct route.

In the event that a dispute arises between a consumer and Registered Firm, the first thing to do is talk to the firm and try to reach a resolution.  If this is unsuccessful, then the Scheme Operator should next be contacted.  Their details can be accessed via our Scheme Operators page.


TrustMark has the right to suspend or remove Registered Firms from the Scheme.  The Scheme Operator must also proactively use information from monitoring processes, complaints and other sources to identify problem firms that may need disciplinary action or investigation.


Please click here to get in touch.

Contact the Registered Firm and make sure that you have everything in writing. We suggest getting 3 quotes when thinking of getting work done. Don’t forget to check out our escrow page on how to get protected!


If you would like to report the unauthorised use of our logo, please ensure that you have evidence to support your claim i.e. website, invoice, quotation, flyers – then contact us:

Telephone:           0333 555 1234

Email:                      info@trustmark.org.uk 


By simply using the search facility on our site! Registered Firms are checked by our Scheme Operators for the following; financial background, technical competence & good trading practices.  We are the only Scheme that use qualified inspectors for the on-site inspection. These go some way to protect Homeowners from rogue traders.

No. Some industries run ‘Competent Person Schemes’ which are authorised by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG).  In order to be registered with a competent person scheme, installers need to demonstrate that they meet the relevant minimum technical competence requirements.  For TrustMark this is deemed to satisfy a person’s technical competence but further checks are undertaken to become TrustMark registered i.e. financial history, registered address & trading practices.

A Scheme Operator is a Governing/Certification body or Trade Association. They have the technical knowledge within the industry.  By becoming a TrustMark Scheme Operator they have made a commitment to raising standards within their industry, particularly in relation to; quality of workmanship & service, customer care and commitment to tackling area of customer detriment or undesirable trading practices.