A badge you can't hide behind

Jul 25, 2019, 09:05 AM by User Not Found

Since its inception in 2005, consumer protection has been at the heart of what TrustMark does.  Over time, policy, awareness, industry and our own scheme has evolved, and continual improvement has been a guiding principle as each change has presented itself and helped transform TrustMark into the organisation it is today.

This desire to drive improvement across all sectors operating in and around peoples’ homes, stems from an awareness of a past when improvement was desperately needed.  TrustMark would not suggest that any state of perfection has been achieved, however, it is certainly the case that the last decade has seen considerable improvement.

This is due to a number of factors, including the increasing expectations of consumers and their awareness of what they have a right to expect; government policies designed to protect these rights; initiatives started by sector-leading organisations; as well as the aspirations of businesses working in these sectors, tempered by their pride in delivering excellent services.

Another element that has allowed progress to be made may come from the, perhaps uncomfortable, acknowledgement that in the past, not all poor work has been the work of so-called ‘rogue traders.’

This shadowy label could be a convenient catch-all for those that we like to perceive as working outside the accreditation of quality schemes.  In reality, it is fair to recognise that just because a tradesperson has a badge, this fact won’t automatically protect or indemnify consumers from risk.

In order to counter this difficulty, TrustMark works in partnership with each of its Scheme Providers, to identify issues, rectify problems, and collaboratively, work towards the improvement of all sectors.

Each of the TrustMark Scheme Providers is deeply committed to quality and consumer protection.  Working with TrustMark and the individual businesses that comprise membership, the Scheme Providers strive to develop certification schemes, training opportunities, robust complaints procedures and financial protections to help bring (and keep) all members in line with Government Endorsed Quality.

TrustMark is reaching out to work with an increasing number of Scheme Providers, especially to serve the burgeoning energy efficiency sector, to give these valuable protections and assurances to an ever-wider pool of consumers.

To find a TrustMark Registered Business local to you, please visit the TrustMark Online Directory, where you can now also chat to potential businesses and request quotes on our convenient, secure and free platform.

Like our Scheme Providers and the majority of industry, TrustMark is committed to continuous improvement to a point where accreditation can be a guarantee of quality, and rogue traders a thing of the past.

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