Sep 1, 2020, 14:05 PM by TrustMark
Basingstoke, 1st September. For immediate release.

TrustMark has become a member of the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman (DRO) as part of their ongoing commitment to raising industry standards. The DRO service ensures  TrustMark Registered Businesses, Scheme Providers and customers have an additional layer of protection in case something goes wrong.

TrustMark Registered Businesses and Scheme Providers can inform consumers of the option to contact the DRO and consumers can ask the DRO to independently investigate a dispute if the TrustMark disputes process has been exhausted and the dispute remains unresolved. 

TrustMark, the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, already has a dispute resolution procedure, which sometimes includes ADR, enabling  the vast majority of disputes to be efficiently resolved. By becoming a member of the DRO, Registered Businesses, Scheme Providers and their customers will now be able to have the flexible, practical and impartial support of an additional independent organisation if they need it. 

Simon Ayers, CEO of TrustMark, said: “Quality assurance is at the heart of everything TrustMark does. All our Registered Businesses sign up to our Customer Charter which demonstrates their commitment to customer service and high levels of technical standards.  

“Our rigorous dispute resolution process is there to ensure both consumers and Registered Businesses are able to resolve situations effectively however sometimes that is not always possible. By being a member of the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, we will be able to offer our Registered Businesses and their customers an impartial and flexible way of reaching a resolution when all our processes have been exhausted."

Kevin Grix, CEO & Chief Ombudsman, Dispute Resolution Ombudsman said "When an organisation becomes a member of an Ombudsman scheme, amongst other tangible benefits to both businesses and consumers, it offers customers an additional layer of protection; it reinforces a commitment to manage complaints formally and at a level that is higher than what the law prescribes. In times of uncertainty, knowing that a business subscribes to an Ombudsman is more important than ever.

Therefore, we’re delighted that TrustMark, who is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, has chosen the Dispute Resolution Ombudsman to provide our important service."