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Green Deal Advice

Green deal

Designed to help you improve the energy efficiency of your property

We have the oldest, leakiest and most energy-hungry homes in Europe, so improving the energy efficiency of these buildings is an environmental priority. That's why the Green Deal was launched at the end of January 2013.

It's a new Government scheme which provides advice on the measures you can take to save energy, and provides the money upfront to pay for some or all of the home improvements. You can only get a Green Deal Plan through an authorised Green Deal Provider. Once the work is done, you should be able to enjoy a warmer home with lower fuel bills while the cost is gradually repaid through payments added to your electricity bill.

Unfortunately, already we are hearing of people claiming to be Green Deal representatives who are not. So we encourage you to read the Government's leaflets (below) or call the Energy Saving Advice Service (England, Scotland and Wales) on 0300 123 1234 for further information.

Please remember:

• Only deal with authorised Green Deal Providers, Assessors and Installers.

• Do not sign up to anything or buy from a doorstep salesman

• Remember, not all home improvement work will be covered by the Green Deal Plan and its consumer protection safeguards - for any work that's not covered by a Green Deal Plan, insist on using a TrustMark registered tradesman.
For more information on Green Deal, please 'download' the relevant advice sheets:-