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TrustMark Apps

Record your conversation with a tradesman - using this free app

This checklist will help you ask the right questions of any tradesman you are asking to quote to do work on or around your property. You can add notes on your conversation as well as photographs and record brief audio notes. 

It allows you to:

  • Generate an instant record of your conversation with a tradesman in 11 easy steps.
  • Be prompted to ask the right questions when a tradesman is in your home and may be quoting for a job (the 'checklist' approach helps you ask questions you might otherwise feel a bit awkward about, but which are essential to knowing about the firm and agreeing the work in question).
  • Record what is agreed by adding text, photos and record brief audio notes.
  • Get advice and tips at every stage, which will help to inform you on what to look out for and about your consumer rights.
  • Email a copy of this conversation to yourself and the tradesman - thus creating a record which could help avoid disputes later on, or be contractually very helpful if a dispute should arise.
  • Keep copies of previous conversations for all repair, maintenance and improvement jobs in or around your home.

Note: If you are unable to install the app, simply print out this Print-friendly version and add your notes.
This document has 12 pages.

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TrustMark App Video

In this short video our Chair, Liz Male, talks about how the App can help you remember what to ask a tradesman when they visit your home and how to keep a record of your conversations.