Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions relating to the Data Warehouse and Lodgement.  It is not an exhaustive list and we use the feedback received from our Registered Businesses to inform the enhancements we make to the functionality of the Data Warehouse.

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If you are software company utilising the ECO Lodgement API please ensure that you have read the information in GitHub and downloaded the latest postman scripts to view the examples.

Data Warehouse Lodgement FAQs

The Data Warehouse has been built following the Each Home Counts review to act as the industry facing repository of information about work undertaken that improves the energy efficiency of domestic dwellings.  You can find out more information about the 27 Each Home Counts recommendations by visiting here

Through combining knowledge and best practice, lodgement aims to support getting installations right first time, reduce the risk of ‘Phoenix’ companies and provide industry insights.  All aimed at supporting businesses, not penalising them.

Work delivered through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and funded though TrustMark Finance panel need to be lodged.

Details of ECO requirement for lodgement can be found here.

The Data Warehouse is accessed through your TrustMark Business Portal.

If you have a need for more than one user get in touch and we will discuss the possibility of direct logins

Select ‘Address Not Found’ and you can manually input the address of the property.

We have created simple short codes to simplify the entry of details about the work completed. This will be particularly helpful for businesses that undertake the same sort of work on a regular basis.

Please visit the TrustMark Data Dictionary, to find the list of work codes.  If you cannot find what you need, please contact

You can only lodge works that are relevant to your registered trades.  You can contact your Scheme Provider to talk about increasing your TrustMark scope.  Contact, if you need further help.

You can only lodge work that you were TrustMark registered for at the time the work was completed.

Works should be lodged on completion and within 20-working days. However, please ensure that you comply with any lodgement requirements that you are contractually obligated to through either your scheme or supply chain. This also ensures that your customer receives the lodgement certificate in a reasonable timeframe.

The information we hold on your trades is provided by your Scheme Provider – if you would like to expand your TrustMark scope, please contact your Scheme and discuss how they can support this.

You may have businesses or installers that you have worked with many times and are confident in their delivery.  If the contract is between yourself and your customer, then you have ultimate responsibility for the works.  If, however, the sub-contractor will enter into a separate contract with the client, then this sub-contractor must also be TrustMark registered.  You can find out more information in the TrustMark Code of Conduct and Customer Charter.

When lodging work undertaken by a sub-contractor their TrustMark license number must be provided, a check is undertaken to ensure that the sub-contractor was TrustMark registered for the work type when the work was undertaken.

Within the Data Warehouse, you have a section that will allow you to select the roles that you are completing and assigning those that you are not.

A Retrofit Coordinator will assign your role and send you an invite to add your information, reports or guarantee documents to the works.  The Data Warehouse is accessed through your TrustMark Business Portal.

ECO / GHGVS / GHGS - LADS / WHD / SHDF (D) are all £30 + VAT

General Lodgements are £8 + VAT

You can lodge up to 6 measures against each property within in 6-month period. Once a lodgement is submitted you cannot add more measures.
Topping up your account and paying for lodgement is all done through Stripe™ in the Data Warehouse.  You can even set a limit and receive notifications when your account needs topping up. You can find out more information about Stripe™ by visiting here.

Click on ‘My Account’ and choose ‘Notification’ – this will allow you to set a limit that when reached will notify you that you need to ‘top-up’ your account.  You can also download a list of your transitions.

No – TrustMark does not retain any information relating to your bank details.

Once all information has been provided within the Data Warehouse, on submission, your customer will receive an automated email with their certificate attached – so it is important to check that you have a valid email address.

You can resend certificates from the Data Warehouse.

All TrustMark businesses can lodge information about works completed under their TrustMark scope and provide certificates to their customers.

  1. For 2 external walls - select 'Mid-terrace'
  2. For 3 external walls - select 'End-terrace'
  Continue reporting to your funder in line with the Ofgem requirements.
Scheme Providers will need to remove the PAS 2030: 2017 trades on the 1st Dec 2021.

Installers must ensure that work is complete and handed over on or before 31st Oct 2021.

Work delivered under PAS 2030:2019 needs to be lodged by a Retrofit Coordinator.