Can Tradespeople Work in Your Home During Lockdown?

Nov 19, 2020, 14:42 PM by User Not Found

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the UK, questions have been asked about whether or not certain industries can continue to work.


While workers in the construction industry aren’t officially categorised as key workers, tradespeople are among those who have been advised they are still able to work under the national restrictions that came into effect on 5 November, including in and around people’s homes.

With that in mind, now may be the perfect time to have work carried out in your home. However, it’s still more important than ever to stay safe throughout these times of uncertainty, and while everyone may have been made aware of how to social distance during essential trips, how do you know what’s best when tradespeople are working in your home?


Working Together to Ensure Work is Carried Out Safely

To promote safe working, the Government and industry have written guidelines for tradespeople so they know what to do to keep safe. But staying safe is a joint responsibility, and we all have a duty to protect each other.

That’s why TrustMark, has created Work Safe Safe Work: a three-part guide to help you know what to do before, while and after you have tradespeople working in and around your home.


Work Safe Safe Work

Firstly, preparation is key when someone is planning on working in your home. Without it, you could put yourself, the tradesperson working for you, and others at risk. Our guide outlines the initial steps you should take to ensure everyone stays safe, as well as what to do once the tradespeople leave your property.  

As well as before and after, there are additional precautions to take while the work is being carried out. The Work Safe Safe Work downloadable guide explains key steps to follow, including how to follow social distancing guidelines, what to do if it is difficult to maintain the recommended distance and how to make safe payments.

You’ll even find safety advice on offering your tradesperson a brew. After all, hard work deserves a cuppa.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask…


It’s important to remember that while we may outline the steps to take, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your tradesperson anything you’re unsure of. As previously stated, staying safe is a joint responsibility and if you feel as though a tradesperson isn’t adhering to the recommended guidelines, speak up.

By working together, we can keep everyone safe.

To download the full guide, click here and see what steps you need to take to ensure work is carried out safely in your home.


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