Upskill opportunities during lockdown

Apr 28, 2020, 12:28 PM by User Not Found

While the UK is in lockdown you may have more time than usual. With that in mind, a number of our TrustMark Scheme Providers have moved training online or started to introduce webinars so that you can use this quiet time to gain knowledge in different areas or complete training so that you are better equipped for the future.


Webinars can be a great way to learn new skills, gain information and show you new ways that you could improve your expertise.

The following Scheme Providers have given information on upcoming Webinars:


BESA is holding daily Covid-19 webinars, with topics ranging from job retention, general updates, operating sites safely etc.

You will need to register here for future webinars and to watch those from the past.


ECA have been holding webinars regularly for the past few weeks talking about general updates about the Covid situation, these and podcast episodes can be found on their YouTube channel. Future webinars and how to register can be found here.


Webinars are open for both members and non-members for a fee, the full calendar can be found here.

Federation of Master Builders

Regular webinars are available for members only, details including topics, time and signing up can be found in the member’s area.


Weekly webinars are being held for NAPIT members only - the details of these and how to sign up are available in their events calendar.


There are a number of webinars being held for members on a regular basis. If you are an NICEIC member you can find past webinars and registration details here.


The Property Care Association are holding weekly webinars for members only. If you are a member you can register here.

Online Training

Training and accreditation is key when looking to gain future clients. While previously, assessments and training may have been in person, a number of Scheme Providers are moving their courses online where possible.

The following Scheme Providers have online training available:

The Arboricultural Association

The association has made new online learning resources available on their website. The new additional training includes lectures, expert sessions and more. You can find them here.

Blue Flame Certification

Where possible assessments and certifications are still taking place but have been moved online. While not all can be done in this way there is a variety online. You can find available training on their website.


There are training videos online for members in the Trade Gateway, more information can be found here.


There are a number of courses available online such as those to become a Retrofit Assessor and the Online Cert DEA course. A full calendar can be found here.

Elmhurst Energy

A full range of training is available online, including Retrofit Assessor Training and OCDEA. Elmhurst has also added a new free CPD library that is now available on their website.

Aside from professional training, Elmhurst has also begun holding webinars focused on health and wellbeing during this time. They are available here.

The Federation of Master Builders

Members have access to online courses including asbestos, awareness to stress management & more through the e-learning platform - you can find out more here.

Ocean Certification

Ocean Certification are still assessing and granting certification where possible, for full information on which certifications are available you should visit their website.


A number of online courses are available including renewables, extensions and DEA training. These courses range in price and can be found here.

Renewable Consumer Code

Members have access to existing online training courses which include a large number of resources such as model contracts, design, agreements and the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. More information for members can be found here.

At TrustMark we’re dedicated to supporting tradespeople through this difficult time. Our Scheme Providers are creating excellent opportunities to learn and expand your skill set. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a TrustMark Registered Business with one of our Scheme Providers you can click here or email

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