• Posted by Wednesday Apr 24, 2019

What is TrustMark? - a level playing field

There have been organisations concerned with monitoring the standards and quality of various trade types for a very long time (indeed, many of these respected and established bodies are TrustMark Scheme Providers.)

Certain sectors have been active for longer and many of the standards they have developed have passed into legislation in order to become mandatory.

There are also excellent bodies that have established themselves in the sectors with no formal or mandated barriers to entry, which while voluntary to join, enable businesses to demonstrate that they work to a certain standard of quality.

One of the difficulties from a consumer point of view (highlighted in the Government’s Each Home Counts Review) was the fact that when searching for quality tradespeople to work in or around their homes, consumers are faced with too much choice and risk becoming ‘badge blind’. 

The Each Home Counts Review recommended an all-encompassing ‘mark of quality’ be established, that consumers can recognise and trust across all home improvement sectors.

It was agreed that TrustMark, due to its experience in this area as well as a synergy of objectives, would be the brand to deliver this quality.

Therefore, whether a consumer requires an electrician to carry out a full house rewire, or a handyman to put up some shelves, when they see the TrustMark logo they can have peace-of-mind.

This confidence comes from the knowledge that TrustMark works with the experts in each sector (our Scheme Providers) to ensure each Registered Business has required levels of proven technical competence; a good knowledge of fair trading practices; and has made an additional commitment to customer service.

The TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements (FOR) document has been painstakingly developed in partnership with each represented sector, to establish a clear set of rules and requirements for Registered Businesses to comply with. 

The TrustMark Customer Charter outlines all the rights and responsibilities someone using a TrustMark Registered Business can expect – and this is something that will apply to any TrustMark tradesperson carrying out work in or around your home.

When you see the TrustMark logo, you can be sure that person has been thoroughly vetted by their Scheme Provider and have been proven to deliver Government Endorsed Quality, regardless of the sector they work in.