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Trading Standards and TrustMark - working together to protect the consumer

TrustMark and Trading Standards are working in collaboration to ensure the highest level of consumer protection available...

Introducing Graeme!

Since its inception TrustMark has been deeply committed to tackling consumer detriment in all its forms, from poor workmanship to aggressive sales tactics.

When vetting a tradesperson for inclusion or renewal in the TrustMark scheme, our Scheme Providers look for technical competence and customer service, but also have strict requirements around the trading practices of all Registered Businesses.

To a greater or lesser extent, detrimental trading practices all mislead the customer, eroding the protection available to them as well as their peace-of-mind.  In an effort to tackle this and help drive continual improvements across all sectors, TrustMark has forged excellent links with Trading Standards in order to enhance consumer protection.

This was one of the areas that we were keen to develop following the recent changes that have seen TrustMark expand its remit, becoming the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme for all work carried out in and around the home.

Therefore, we are delighted to introduce Graeme Preston, the Senior Trading Standards Officer for Bucks and Surrey Trading Standards, who is now partially based in the TrustMark offices.

Graeme is primarily with us to provide assured advice for both TrustMark Scheme Providers and their Registered Businesses, in order to help them deliver the best level of service to their customers.

Additionally, Graeme is heavily involved with our commitment to stamping out misuse of the TrustMark logo.  Graeme provides the enforcement necessary to prevent non-registered businesses from displaying the TrustMark logo, proceeding through the appropriate channels, to prosecution if necessary.

Work concerning logo misuse is both reactive in terms of following up reports submitted to TrustMark about non-registered businesses using our logo; and proactive in terms of researching and approaching the organisations that are selling logos on online platforms.

On his work in partnership with TrustMark, Graeme commented:

“There has always been an obvious synergy between Trading Standards and TrustMark in that both bodies are primarily driven by consumer protection.  The recent changes at TrustMark have enabled further enhancement of this element, and Trading Standards is very happy to help deliver these changes.  From my point of view, it is hugely useful to be able to work so closely with the team and I am confident this will lead to great improvements.”

With his distinguished career within Trading Standards, TrustMark feels lucky to have Graeme in our offices and we consider this to be a critical factor in delivering the ambitious improvements that are planned for the future.


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