Unsolicited phone calls ring any bells?

  • Posted by Steve Playle Monday May 08, 2017
Those of us with mobile phones are now conditioned to the steady stream of speculative calls received from anonymous call centres. Sometimes they say we can claim compensation for a recent car accident and sometimes they say we can get big cash payments after signing up for payment protection insurance on an old loan or credit card.
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Spring gardening for renters

  • Posted by Louise Cook Friday Apr 21, 2017
April has been a scorcher so far and It’s looking hopeful for a long, fantastic British summer. One thing that does need a bit of TLC before the summer arrives however is my garden. I live in a rented property, which means the garden has lacked a lot of care and attention for goodness knows how long before I moved in.
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Think safety first when reaching new heights

  • Posted by Steve Playle Thursday Apr 13, 2017
It’s that time of year again when the sap is rising, the days are getting longer, temperatures are increasing and the prospect of a four day Easter break means that there is time to carry out some DIY. The external paintwork of your home may be looking cracked and flaky and a few days up a ladder may be required.
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Time to sell your home?

  • Posted by Steve Playle Friday Mar 31, 2017
Now that spring has sprung with the daffodils coming through and trees in full blossom, some of us are thinking about moving home. It may be due to a growing family, caused by a new job in a different part of the country or maybe a downsizing exercise after children have finally moved out. Either way, selling your home can be an extremely intimidating and daunting task.
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Navigating the legislative maze for new businesses

  • Posted by Steve Playle Wednesday Mar 15, 2017
Home maintenance businesses that know about trading standards law and the obligations that they have to their customers are far more likely to succeed in the long term. They are going to treat their customers fairly, provide good service and probably generate more work through recommendations. This applies to the smallest sole trader right up to the biggest multi nationals.
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Spruce up your bedroom décor in National Sleep Awareness Week.

  • Posted by Louise Cook Friday Mar 10, 2017
This week is National Sleep Awareness week which means there’s one thing on our minds: bed! So how can you make sure you have a sound night’s sleep? It might be time to spruce up your dated bedroom décor and give it some loving care and attention.
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Bringing the outdoors in

  • Posted by Ansuya Solanki Monday Mar 06, 2017
Many of this year’s biggest interior trends are driven by a desire to reconnect with nature and take a more organic, authentic approach to design. Reflective of the increasing focus on both health consciousness and our environmental impact, these trends encourage you to disconnect from technology, providing some much needed balance and the opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate.
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Cancelling contracts and dealing with the fallout

  • Posted by Steve Playle Friday Mar 03, 2017
Our lives are governed by contracts - even though we may not always realise it. Every time we buy something in a shop, get a new mobile phone, take a holiday, sign up for a new energy supplier or accept a new job, there is a contract behind it.
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Don’t let your home improvements flop this pancake day

  • Posted by Louise Cook Tuesday Feb 28, 2017
Today is the last Tuesday in February, which means it’s also Pancake day! Hundreds of thousands of householders in the UK will be descending on their kitchens today to make these delicious treats. Making yummy puds in the kitchen should be something you enjoy, but if you feel that your kitchen isn’t a part of your home you enjoy being in, it may be time to give it some TLC.





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