• Posted Monday Jul 09, 2018

A logo only goes so far...

logo misuse

TrustMark would naturally advise all members of the public to look out for the TrustMark logo when selecting a tradesperson to carry out work on their home. 

This logo indicates the tradesperson has been thoroughly vetted and has had their work independently inspected by experts, ensuring they can deliver the level of competence and quality consumers should be able to rely on.

The potential danger is that, while rare, there are businesses that claim to be TrustMark members (or to have other memberships and accreditations), which may not be the case.

Since inception in 2005, as the TrustMark brand has grown in consumer recognition and power, we have seen a steady rise in the number of organisations falsely claiming to be TrustMark registered.

This may be through illegal use of the TrustMark logo, or simply making erroneous claims on their website, marketing materials or in person.

Fortunately there is a simple way of checking that a TrustMark member is what they claim to be by using the online directory.  You can do this by searching on the company    name or area of operation, if they are current TrustMark members full details for this business will appear.

You can be assured that all businesses appearing on the online directory can deliver the appropriate level of technical competence and quality required of those registered with the only consumer protection organisation delivering the Government Endorsed Standards scheme.

If you believe you have had contact with a business that is misleading the public by incorrectly claiming to be a TrustMark Registered Firm, you can report it here.  You can also find out more on the TrustMark website about the logo misuse process we use to take action against offenders.

TrustMark is committed to delivering ever-increasing standards of consumer protection, and as such we determined that the only people who use our name or logo are those who have earned the right to do so.