• Posted Tuesday May 08, 2018

Surviving bank holiday DIY

Surviving DIY

UK spring bank holidays are so synonymous with DIY, that retailers use store performance on these days as sales indicators for the rest of the spring and summer period. 

If the weather is fine, Britain heads to the garden or beach beaches with barbeques, pools and even some sun tan lotion; if it rains, as it invariably does, home improvement becomes the alternative activity for the weekend.

After the weather we enjoyed at Easter 2018 it is fair to say that many homes may have benefitted from DIY projects.  While the majority of these will hopefully represent an improvement, it’s likely some householders are now wishing they had never started the kitchen installation, bathroom revamp or the loft extension to name a few.

Many DIY disasters may simply be the result of over-ambitious décor schemes; however, some could end up creating costly, even dangerous problems that require a professional to save the day.

Amateur electrical work is a prime area of concern and cutting costs by avoiding an electrician often results in a higher bill, with the average cost of repairing a botched DIY job estimated at £3,200.  Even more sobering is the fact that almost half severe electrical shocks are as a result of a DIY error, and an additional 200,000 people end up in hospital as a result of DIY accidents each year.

Neither is plumbing a safer bet when it comes to doing-it-yourself as there are few more expensive problems to fix in the home than a flood, where the damage to furniture, flooring and even structure can run into many thousands of pounds.

Research by Which? Magazine found that 20% of DIY enthusiasts had to call in an expert when DIY plans go awry, with these mistakes costing an average of 65% more than the originally planned budget to put right, so at least there’s always a way to fix a problem! 

Compounding the cost of such errors is the fact that DIY accidents frequently fall outside standard home insurance policies – causing the bills of ‘cost-saving’ DIY to escalate with speed.

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If you are planning on home improvement jobs over the spring and summer period, don’t take risks with your home and your health!  You can find a comprehensive list of professional trades inspected to Government Endorsed Standards here: