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Why You Should Work with a Trustmark Contractor for Your Stairlift Installation..

The decision to purchase a stairlift is not a minor one. The configuration of your home will be adjusted around the stairs to install a suitable stairlift to safely take a single passenger up and down the stairs, whether it’s a curved or straight staircase. Workers will require access to the interior of your home to perform an initial inspection, determine what tools and materials will be needed, and then return on the appointment date to complete the stairlift installation.

We all want to stay safe at home and know the people we let in have undergone some type of vetting first. This is where a government-backed scheme to verify workers in the repair, improvement, and maintenance trades is so important.

Installation matters as much as product selection

Stairlifts represent a significant investment. It is not enough to simply select the right stairlift for your needs. You also must have qualified fitters who have experience in installing this type of product before, so it’s not their first time. In most cases, a team of at least two people is necessary to safely install the stairlift system properly and to test it.

Verifying the Contractor

Ensuring that a tradesperson is reputable and works up to an acceptable standard is not easy to do. It’s difficult for companies to know which tradespeople are the right fit for them. In the case of the TrustMark, this is a UK government scheme started in 2005 that verifies each contractor on various levels. The work is planned and completed to the best quality, at the price that was agreed initially, and with consumer protections in place should something go wrong.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is important to homeowners, especially stay-at-home mums, who are often in the home alone during the weekday when a contractor is likely to come to install a stairlift. Being able to confirm the identity of the person and that they are approved by TrustMark gives them the confidence to open the door to let the contractor in to complete their task.

Unique Scheme in the UK

The TrustMark scheme is the only one of its kind in the UK that is government endorsed. The not-for-profit organisation continually aims to improve the standards being met by the approved TrustMark contractors to ensure that the scheme sticks in consumers’ minds as something valuable and meaningful.

Whilst, registration is voluntary it is more beneficial to use a firm who has gained TrustMark accreditation as they have been vetted for their technical competence and should anything go wrong the consumers are supported.

Being able to confidently order a new product and have someone come into the home to install it is a leap of faith in many ways. We need to know that the product is a high-quality one and that the contractor who’ll come to the door is highly recommended. With TrustMark contractors, it makes the decision to go ahead much easier because of the certainty it gives to homeowners.             www.stairguru.co.uk

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